Rising Sign: How to Find Yours | Meaning Through the Signs

Your rising sign is the sign of the Zodiac that is on the cusp, or line, of the 1st House of your birth chart. The traits and characteristics of this sign will help describe the version of yourself that you show to others and also how you view the world.

In what ways does your rising sign influence you? Keep reading to find out!


  • Your rising sign is the sign of the Zodiac on your 1st House.
  • It is part of your “Big 3” placements in astrology.
  • This sign helps describe who you show the world and how you see things.
the sun rising behind the ocean and words that read "your rising sign through the signs"

What the Rising Sign Is

The rising sign is the sign of the Zodiac that your 1st House cusp, or boundary line, is placed in.

This line has another name, your Ascendant, and the sign that it points to is referred to as your rising sign.

Your rising sign is the sign of the Zodiac that was on the eastern horizon at the exact moment of your birth, so in essence, the sign that was rising.

Your rising sign is the sign of the Zodiac that was on the eastern horizon at the exact moment of your birth, so in essence, the sign that was rising.

In astrology, your Ascendant is a very important placement, even considered one of your “Big 3 along with your Sun and Moon, so your rising sign plays a vital role, as well.

Why Your Rising Sign is Important

Your rising sign is part of your Ascendant complex.

This important Ascendant angle describes your outward personality or the version of you that you show the world.

The sign it sits in, your rising sign, influences this by adding a style, motivations, tools, strengths, and challenges to this persona you use when interacting with others.

Traits and characteristics of your rising sign may be how the people you know might describe you, or it’s the “vibe” that you naturally give off without really trying to.

a table with ornate masks sitting on it

But, your Ascendant works in both directions. The world looks in at you through this “mask” you wear, but you also look out at the world through this same mask.

So, your rising sign also shapes the way you see things, your expectations, and your life experience.

How to Find Your Rising Sign

Luckily, your rising sign is really easy to find!

If you haven’t yet gotten a copy of your birth chart, you can have one instantly drawn up for free at Astrodienst.

Because your rising sign is based on your house placements, you do need to know the city you were born in and the exact time of birth in order to calculate it.

*Not sure about your birth time? That doesn’t necessarily count you out of the astrology game because you can try your hand at chart rectification to figure out your time of birth or find an astrologer who specializes in it.

The 1st House in your chart will always be found on the far, left-hand side of your chart.

Your Ascendant is usually a bolded line, and whatever sign this line points to is considered your rising sign.

example of a rising sign in a chart, 1st House in Aquarius
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In the example chart above, you can see that their 1st House cusp, Ascendant, points to the sign of Aquarius ♒︎.

But what if you don’t know the sign symbols, or what if your Ascendant seems to point to the boundary between two signs and you aren’t sure which it’s pointing to?

No problem. There should be a table around your chart that tells you exactly which sign is your rising sign.

an example of a placement table in a natal chart

The Ascendant is abbreviated “AC.” In this example, you can see that this person’s rising sign is “Can,” short for Cancer.

Meaning of Your Rising Sign

Once you have found your rising sign, it is time to start pulling some insight from it.

Below are quick descriptions of each of the rising signs, but understand that these are very general and only give a tiny snapshot of the possibilities.

There are many other factors that weigh in and add more detail to how you express your rising sign, including aspects, your chart ruler, and others.

But, this can give you a sense of how your rising sign may help to shape the “mask you wear.”

Aries Rising Sign

Fiery Aries is confident, daring, and always seeking new adventures. It embraces challenges and is not afraid to take risks.

This sign is a natural leader, but can also be impulsive and impatient. It’s fiercely independent and does not like being told what to do.

But, despite its strong-willed nature, Aries is also very loyal and protective of those they care about.

If you’re an Aries rising, others may see you as a confident and determined individual, and you may see the world as an arena where you must assert yourself and claim your place.

Taurus Rising Sign

Taurus values tranquility, consistency, and security.

Inspired by Venus, this sign puts a premium on respectful relationships and comfort.

Taurus can be quite resolute, and once it has made a decision, it can be hard to change its mind. It’s quite fond of its routine and all things familiar.

If you are a Taurus rising, others may see you as someone who prioritizes stability, and you may see the world as a place where staying calm and being thoughtful is the best approach.

Gemini Rising Sign

Gemini is a communicative, inquisitive, and adaptable sign.

This air sign is passionate about learning new things and enjoys engaging in stimulating conversations.

Talking to others allows Gemini to gain insight and share its own knowledge in return. And like a chameleon, it can easily fit in with any social setting.

This sign is always seeking new experiences and can become easily bored.

If you are a Gemini rising, others may see you as flexible, curious, and talkative. You may view the world as a place where there is always more to learn and explore.

Cancer Rising Sign

Cancer is emotional, imaginative, and compassionate.

This sign prioritizes home and family and can be very protective of those they love.

But, Cancer isn’t a one-trick pony and in addition to being nurturing and caring for others, Cancer is quite ambitious, as well.

With Cancer rising, others may view you as a soft place to fall when they need it, and you may see the world as a place where you need to protect your vulnerability and keep it safe.

Leo Rising Sign

Leo is confident, magnetic, and outgoing.

This fire sign is passionate, grand, and not afraid to be the center of attention, making it a natural leader.

Creative Leo must express itself to others in a way that captivates its audience, and the sign is dazzling enough to be able to get the job done.

If you have Leo rising, others may seem to be drawn to your gravitational pull and you may view life as one big stage and a place to shine.

Virgo Rising Sign

Virgo is logical and practical, and service-oriented.

It has the ability to see the potential in something and also has the temperament needed to stick with it and refine it until it looks closer to its sense of perfection.

Virgo is mature, responsible, has a strong work ethic, doesn’t care for drama, and can also be quite helpful, lending a hand when someone needs it.

If you have Virgo rising, the people in your life may see you as down-to-earth and reliable, and you may view the world as a place where there is always room for improvement.

Libra Rising Sign

Libra can be quite charming and social and comes with a strong sense of fairness.

This sign has diplomacy as its superpower and also “good taste”, beauty, and harmony.

Airy and logical Libra sees things in shades of gray rather than black and white, seeing different perspectives at the same time and how two people with opposite opinions can actually both be right.

With Libra rising, you may be very popular and others may see you as someone who is always respectful, taking their point of view into account.

You may view life as something where finding balance is always important and there is rarely a need for conflict or rudeness.

Scorpio Rising Sign

Mysterious Scorpio is passionate, intense, and quite deep.

The sign of the scorpion is compassionate, but also intuitive and perceptive, being able to sense when someone is hiding something.

Scorpio is only interested in the truth. And, it comes equipped to be able to handle it, whether it is very emotionally charged, ugly, or even considered “inappropriate” for discussion. Nothing scares off Scorpio.

If you have Scorpio rising, others may seek you out if they have something they need to get something off their chest.

You may see the world as a place that has a lot of ugliness hiding under the surface that needs to be let out and diffused.

Sagittarius Rising Sign

Sagittarius is optimistic and enthusiastic, with a strong sense of freedom and a taste for adventure.

This sign is determined to find meaning in life by having as many new experiences as it can, meeting people with different beliefs, and through education.

Fiery Sagittarius wants to leave no stone unturned when it comes to seeking new philosophies and faiths, so foreign travel is important for the archer.

With a Sagittarius your rising sign, others may describe you using the traits listed above, and also add that you are warm, confident, funny, and never boring to be around.

You may see the world as a place bursting with meaning just waiting for you to go out and discover.

Capricorn Rising Sign

Capricorn is ambitious and disciplined and values responsibility and tradition.

This earth sign is practical and conservative with a strong sense of determination to achieve whatever big goal it sets its mind to.

Capricorn doesn’t really need to be around other people much, so it can come off as a lone wolf at times. But, once this sign commits itself to someone, it is in it for the long haul.

With Capricorn rising, the people in your life may describe you using the qualities above, and you may view life as one, big challenge, that if you work hard enough toward, you will surely achieve.

Aquarius Rising Sign

Aquarius is independent, unconventional, and makes up its own rules.

This air sign is intelligent with a strong sense of equality and is interested in doing what is best for the greater good.

Aquarius is future-oriented, preferring what is new and innovative over time-tested and traditional any day. It will live by its own set of ideals no matter what others may think of them.

With Aquarius as your rising sign, others may see you as a revolutionary, rebel, or even just unique.

You may view the world as a place where there is too much emphasis on what is “conventional” and feel as though society needs to shake things up and level the playing field.

Pisces Rising Sign

Pisces is emotional with a strong sense of intuition and a vivid imagination.

This watery sign is so sensitive and empathetic that it can, like a sponge, absorb the feelings of the people it is around.

The sign of the fish has a sense of oneness with the Universe and an understanding that most of the things we humans spend time thinking and worrying about every day are meaningless in the face of the larger, divine picture.

With Pisces rising, those who know you may see you as incredibly caring, easygoing, and a bit mystical or dreamy.

You might view life as just one act in a much more meaningful and complex play that every person is a part of, whether they realize it or not.

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What is my rising sign?

Your rising sign is the sign of the Zodiac that was on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth. It describes the style and traits you use when interacting with the world.

What is your rising sign vs sun sign?

The difference between the rising sign and Sun sign is, your Sun sign describes the core of who you are that the rest of you revolves around. Your rising sign is how you express what’s inside. It’s both your outward persona and how you view the world.

What is your rising sign vs moon sign?

The difference between the rising sign and Moon sign is, your Moon sign describes your emotional landscape and what makes your soul truly happy. Your rising sign details the version of yourself you use to interact with the world.

Does your rising sign change?

Your rising sign never changes. The position of the horizon at the exact moment you were born, your Ascendant, is shown in your birth chart and is considered fixed for your entire life, and so is the sign it sits in, your rising sign.