Scorpio 2nd House: The Ultimate Guide

With intense Scorpio in the 2nd House of your birth chart, you may view your resources in a passionate and inventive way. The feeling that your finances buy you safety may drive you to success, but you may constantly fear financial ruin and never find peace with it.

Curious about how your Scorpio 2nd House could influence you and what strengths and pitfalls it could bring along with it? Read on to find out!


  • Scorpio in your 2nd House could make your financial life intense.
  • Second House Scorpio could lead to being generous with your resources.
  • This combination could also bring fears of financial insecurity.
a woman wearing sunglasses and holding money in front of planets and a red light, a scorpio 2nd house may want to use money as power

What does it mean if Scorpio is in my 2nd House?

If you have a Scorpio or Libra rising, then you may find Scorpio on the cusp of the 2nd House of your natal chart. How might this placement play out for you?

The Zodiac Sign of Scorpio

Scorpio is driven by the need to feel the entire spectrum of human emotion.

It has a strong desire to uncover hidden truth, even if it is ugly, and pull it out into the light so that healing can begin. This is intense and heavy emotional work.

This Zodiac sign is determined and once its mind is set on something, it will be hard for them to turn back!

Scorpio is a sign of extremes and feels everything in a passionate and intense way. It can be authentic, extremely perceptive, and uncompromising.

Some of Scorpio’s personality traits:

  • Deep emotions
  • Raw and real
  • Intuitive
  • Compassionate
  • Determined

But, for the purpose of this article, we need to remember to keep Scorpio in the context of the 2nd House, however.

The 2nd House in Astrology

The 2nd House does not describe the way in which you would describe yourself or how others may see you. The 2nd House is traditionally named the House of Money.

Yes, it influences the thing in your life that have to do with your money and belongings, but there is much more to it.

The 2nd House also points to the way your money matters and material possessions make you feel as a person and your self-worth.

Second House Meaning:

  • Making money
  • Financial security
  • Self Esteem
  • Possessions
  • Spending habits

Scorpio 2nd House Meaning

With Scorpio in your 2nd House, your relationship with your finances and possessions may be such that that part of your sense of safety and security in life may be connected to how well you think you earn money or secure resources.

A Scorpio 2nd House may prompt you to have your feelings mixed up with your financial situation in a more intense way than other signs might influence.

More specifically, a Scorpio 2nd House placement may lead you to see money as power.

Scorpio may not be as interested in what money can buy as far as luxury. What Scorpio is more interested in sitting in the 2nd House is how money can buy safety and security from the bad things that life can bring.

With a Scorpio 2nd House, you may be very inventive and resourceful when it comes to making money or with your possessions.

You may come to an investment that other people would dismiss as a lost cause financially and transform it into something great. Or, you may see an old, nasty-looking armoire that someone threw out on the curb, take it home, and restore and revive it into something amazing.

Scorpio also has convictions.

With a Scorpio 2nd House placement, you may have the desire to use your money and resources to make a positive difference to others.

Providing for your own safety may build your confidence, and the same could be true for using your finances to help others feel safe, as well.

The financial forecast for Scorpio in the 2nd House may be one of extremes.

Scorpio is a sign that doesn’t dabble in the art of subtlety, and in the 2nd House, this may look like experiencing times when resources are very plentiful and times when they are nearly non-existent.

two women looking at a report at a business meeting, illustrating scorpio in the 2nd house

Scorpio 2nd House Strengths

  1. Caring and charitable: Scorpio has deep feelings and the ability to help others heal. With a Scorpio 2nd House, this may shine through as giving of your resources to causes that help others in need or giving your possessions to those you feel need them more than you do.
  2. Strong convictions: It is very difficult for Scorpio to not be true to themselves and it comes with very strong convictions. With Scorpio in the 2nd House, this may show through as being very scrupulous about your financial dealings and making sure that what you buy and how you earn money is consistent with your strong values.
  3. Attentive to their money: Because of Scorpio’s desire for safety, with a Scorpio 2nd House you may not be one to sit back on your laurels and have a laid-back attitude about your resources. Security is so important that you may be one to keep close tabs on investments, and balance sheets, and make sure your property isn’t threatened.
  4. Persistent and passionate about finances: Scorpio’s determination could express itself in the 2nd house through actively looking for new income streams, or being driven to earn.
  5. Seeks security: A fear of insecurity could lead to working hard to maintain a stable income. With a Scorpio 2nd House, you may be a good provider who is always very concerned with maintaining stable household finances to ensure you are ready for whatever may happen in life.

Scorpio 2nd House Weaknesses

  1. Captivated by power: Power buys safety, and with Scorpio, this desire for power could be taken too far. Trying to take more than its fair share of power through building wealth could result if there is an unbalanced Scorpio 2nd House.
  2. Greed: Insecurity can be ugly and Scorpio in the 2nd House could bring with it a fear that there will never be enough. To overcompensate, this could turn into a preoccupation with building wealth or lording over more resources than one needs with little regard for others. Or, this could take the form of hoarding.
  3. Fearful about financial future: With a Scorpio 2nd House, there is a possibility for nagging anxiety that something bad is waiting just around the corner that will spell financial ruin.
  4. Financial insecurity: If fear is allowed to take over and is driving the train for Scorpio in the 2nd, it could be scared to make the wrong move. This could look like freezing up when it comes to money matters. Financial changes that could be beneficial may be avoided altogether out of fear of making a mistake and threatening their safety and security.
  5. Jealousy: Deep feelings come naturally for Scorpio and it uses them to help maneuver through the world. With a Scorpio 2nd House, because there may be emotions tied to resources, there is a chance that feelings of jealousy could arise around earnings or possessions.
woman sitting on a bean bag looking at her computer with a serious look, illustrating scorpio in the 2nd house

What else could influence a Scorpio 2nd House?

There are many more details that can be added to your Scorpio 2nd House, including the placement of Scorpio’s planetary rulers and other planets in the house.

Scorpio’s Planetary Rulers: Mars and Pluto

Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio.

With a Scorpio 2nd House, the position of Pluto is going to offer more details about how Scorpio is expressed when it comes to your relationship to your money.

Find Pluto in your chart. Note which sign it resides in. The traits of this sign will add more dimension to and influence your experience of your 2nd House.

For instance, if Pluto is in Aries, this may magnify your passion for earning money. You may be more ambitious when it comes to your finances, or you may be more impulsive when spending.

Pluto in Taurus? You may have a heightened need for security, but it also may temper some of your intensity and passion when it comes to your money.

The same goes for Scorpio’s traditional ruler, Mars.

Mars’ placement will add yet another layer to how experience your Scorpio 2nd House.

If you find Mars in Aquarius, for instance, you may be view money or your possessions a bit differently than others, or you may not care what others think of how you make or spend what you have.

Find Mars in Libra? Perhaps you tend to lavish your loved ones with gifts.

Planets in the 2nd House

Planets that sit in the 2nd House will also influence this house and will add more complexity.

With Saturn in your 2nd House, for instance, you may be a more conservative spender and responsible steward of your money.

Mercury in your 2nd House? Maybe you love learning and talking about finance and figuring out how all of the pieces work together. Perhaps you have the desire to bring up money in conversation often.

These are all simplified and general characterizations from a wide range of ways that Scorpio can influence the 2nd House. Keep that in mind as you read this and any other astrological information like this.

But, with a Scorpio 2nd House placement, this energy will influence the marriage in your mind to your self-worth and your financial situation, and how you view your money and belongings.

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