Scorpio 3rd House: The Ultimate Guide

An intense Scorpio 3rd House in your natal chart may inspire you to be a passionate communicator. You may be good at listening to people’s problems without judging, but you may have to power to know exactly what to say that will hurt someone the most.

To learn more about the possibilities of your 3rd House Scorpio placement, including its alluring strengths and potential challenges, read on.


  • Scorpio in your 3rd House could make you honest in conversation.
  • There is the possibility of being harsh with words.
  • Mars’ and Pluto’s positions and 3rd House planets will play a role.
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What does it mean if Scorpio is in my 3rd House?

While you unravel the secrets of your astrological chart, remember to take into account the importance of a Scorpio 3rd House placement.

But what kind of effect does having the sign of the scorpion in your 3rd House have on your life?

The Zodiac Sign of Scorpio

Scorpio is intense and passionate.

As a water sign, it is deeply emotional and sensitive.

This sign has a deep capacity for empathy and can be very compassionate toward others.

One big motivation for Scorpio is uncovering hidden truths, no matter how ugly or taboo they may be.

Being highly intuitive, Scorpio can often sense when someone is concealing something and can be skilled at reading people.

Because Scorpio is only interested in the truth, it is a very “real” and honest sign and appreciates the same trait in others.

Scorpio is also ambitious and determined, driven to succeed in whatever it sets its mind to.

Some of Scorpio’s traits:

  • Intense emotions
  • Passionate
  • Ambitious
  • Jealous tendencies
  • Strategic thinker
  • Sensitive
  • Intuitive
  • Deep empathy
  • Handles strong emotions

It is important to consider the characteristics of Scorpio, but we also need to keep this sign in the context of the 3rd House.

The 3rd House in Astrology

The 3rd House is often referred to as the House of Communication.

Thinking of the 3rd House only as The House of Communication is pretty short-sighted, however.

Sure, it describes how you converse with others, but it also describes other ways you could express your knowledge and ideas, such as through writing.

How you think is also a part of this house.

Plus, the 3rd House determines how you listen. It is the lens that ideas and information from outside of you must pass through when entering your mind.

The 3rd House also describes the relationship you have with your siblings and other non-parent relatives such as cousins, and neighbors.

One other part of life defined by the 3rd House is travel that doesn’t feel “foreign”. Going to the grocery store or on a weekend getaway would both be in this category.

Third House Meaning:

  • Verbal and written expression
  • Sibling and cousin connections
  • Early education
  • Local surroundings
  • Short distance travel
  • Gathering knowledge
  • Thinking
  • Interactions with neighbors

Scorpio 3rd House Meaning

Scorpio is a sign that seeks truth above all else and wants to pull what is hiding in the shadows into the light.

With a Scorpio 3rd House, you may be wondering how someone truly feels deep down, or what is the rest of the story.

an example chart showing a scorpio 3rd house
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You could be able to pick up on how someone feels even if the person didn’t come out and say it, including feelings that the person may be trying to repress or hide from themselves or others.

And, you may find that you have no concern for “social acceptability” in conversation as it allows real feelings and thoughts to be masked by pretty, but fake, wrapping.

With Scorpio in your 3rd House, small talk at parties may be of no interest to you. Deep conversations, on the other hand, may light you up.

With Scorpio in your 3rd House, your style of communication may be intense and direct.

You may be good at speaking with people who are going through a hard time because you don’t shy away from uncomfortable topics.

The relationship you have with your siblings or other close relatives may be complicated.

Power struggles or competition could be present. The tone could be tumultuous, riding a roller-coaster of emotion, both good and bad.

You may be good at “sniffing out” when something is going on emotionally with your sibling and be helpful to them in talking through it.

Scorpio 3rd House Strengths

  1. Honest: Scorpio values the truth and doesn’t have time to “put on airs” or “play the part” in a social situation. In the 3rd House, this may shine through as candid honesty in conversations.
  2. Powerful intellect: Pluto lends Scorpio power, and in the 3rd House this could lead to a powerful mind. You may be good at digging deep into a subject you are researching.
  3. Always questions: This sign isn’t easily fooled, thanks to its strong mind. Scorpio is always looking for what lies under the surface, so with a Scorpio 3rd House, this may make you naturally skeptical.
  4. Helps others with words: At its heart, Scorpio can be a healer. In your 3rd House, you may be the person that others come to with their ugliest, deepest, darkest secrets. Because you may not shy away or judge them, talking through these types of problems with others can be incredibly transforming for them.
  5. Penetrating mind: Some think of Scorpio as the “detective of the Zodiac.” Not taking things for face value, it is always looking to uncover something. With a Scorpio 3rd House, your mind may always be trying to figure out the “rest of the story” and dig deeper when you can sense there is more to something than meets the eye.

Scorpio 3rd House Weaknesses

  1. Can be harsh: Because Scorpio can see under the surface, it is skilled at recognizing weaknesses, or “Achilles heels” in others. When hurt or threatened, Scorpio in the 3rd House has the potential to use those weaknesses in an argument, saying something hurtful that can’t be taken back.
  2. Lording power over others: Pluto is powerful, and because it is influencing Scorpio in the 3rd House, this could result in using intellect to exert dominance. Being condescending in conversation could also result.
  3. Putting up a wall: Scorpio is a water sign and is run by emotion. Water signs “feel” more than the other signs. With a Scorpio 3rd House, there is the potential to put up a wall and protect your vulnerability. You may be worried that if you start speaking, your feelings with emerge for all to see.
  4. Tumultuous relationship with siblings: Dominance seeking Pluto and Mars, Scorpio’s modern and traditional rulers, could help shape Scorpio in the 3rd House to always try to assert itself and compete within these relationships.
  5. Stubborn: Scorpio is a fixed sign, and in the 3rd House this could come through as an unwillingness to change its opinion once its mind is made up. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but not everyone is right all of the time, even Scorpio.
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What else could influence a Scorpio 3rd House?

To fully understand the nature of your 3rd House, you must consider more than just its zodiac sign. While Scorpio does play a role, there are other factors to consider, such as the presence of planets.

Scorpio’s Planetary Rulers: Pluto and Mars

Scorpio has two planetary rulers. Pluto is the modern ruler and Mars traditionally.

With Scorpio in your 3rd house, wherever Pluto and Mars are situated in your chart is going to influence how Scorpio is expressed through your communication, short-range travel experiences, and your connection with your siblings.

With Pluto sitting in Sagittarius, for instance, this could add a bit more optimism to Scorpio in the 3rd, and perhaps influence a less brooding and skeptical nature, adding a bit more trust.

Mars in Taurus? This Scorpio 3rd House may be a bit more hesitant to speak because it wants to make sure it has something of value to say. Taurus may temper Scorpio’s tolerance for unpleasant or taboo conversation a bit. However, Taurus could also influence Scorpio to be even more stubborn in its opinions.

Planets in your 3rd House

Planets that inhabit the 3rd House will also “add flavor” to the way in which you communicate with others, think, travel around your area, or interact with your siblings.

If the Moon is in the 3rd House, for instance, Scorpio’s watery nature will be amplified. Conversations, thoughts, and relationships with siblings may be even more emotion-driven.

Please keep in mind that all of the descriptions given above are very general and there is a lot more complexity to life and astrology!

Whenever you pull one piece out of your chart’s puzzle it will always be in very broad terms and lack the intricacy that a full chart reading would bring.

However, this article should begin to offer you a taste of how having Scorpio in your 3rd house could affect how you think, communicate, and relate to your siblings.

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