Scorpio Descendant: Your “Ideal” Romantic Partner

If you have a Scorpio Descendant, you may naturally desire a passionate, intense, and deep partner. Your Descendant also reflects parts of yourself that you may not be aware of or may struggle to accept.

Wondering how your Scorpio Descendant might impact you and your love life? Keep reading to find out!


  • Your Scorpio Descendant indicates a partner who can balance you out.
  • It may also reveal certain aspects of yourself that you are not aware of.
  • The planets in your 7th House can also impact your relationships.
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Descendant in Scorpio Meaning

If you have a Scorpio Descendant, it could mean that you are naturally drawn to certain Scorpio traits in a partner that you may not fully recognize in yourself.

With your DC in Scorpio, you may envision your ideal partner as someone who is intense, passionate, and emotionally deep.

You may desire a relationship that is mysterious, transformative, and deeply intimate.

You may desire a relationship that is mysterious, transformative, and deeply intimate.

However, these traits may also indicate characteristics within yourself that you may have trouble accepting or acknowledging.

You might struggle when it comes to dealing with emotions or have a hard time being completely real in a relationship, but may be drawn to a partner who embodies these qualities.

By embracing your Scorpio traits, such as empathy and passion, you can develop a better sense of balance within yourself and a greater understanding of your personal relationships.

Descendant Meaning

In astrology, the Descendant signifies the western horizon and the boundary line of the Seventh House.

This line cuts the zodiac wheel in half and is a crucial point in a birth chart.

ascendant and descendant on a chart

The Descendant sign indicates the type of partner we desire, revealing our approach to finding an ideal match.

It also represents “our opposite”, or qualities we may not acknowledge in ourselves.

We may naturally be drawn to people who embody these traits to balance us out.

scorpio symbol

Meaning of Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Scorpio is the eighth Zodiac sign, and it is a water sign that is associated with intensity, passion, depth, and mystery.

In astrology, this Zodiac sign is known for its transformative spirit and its ability to uncover hidden truths.

Scorpio describes a personality that is fiercely determined and is not afraid to delve into the unknown to achieve its goals.

However, Scorpio can sometimes be secretive and possessive, making it challenging to trust others.

It can also be prone to jealousy and may have a tendency to hold onto grudges.

Despite its potential pitfalls, the Scorpio sign is one that is full of depth, passion, and a desire to deal with real and raw life and ALL of the emotions that come with it.

Taurus Rising Sign/Scorpio Descendant Sign

If you are a Taurus rising, your First House cusp or Ascendant sign represents the way you come across to others.

Your Descendant sign will be in the sign of Scorpio, which may indicate the qualities you look for in a partnership.

example chart of a scorpio descendant
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Having Taurus rising suggests that you may be stable, reliable, and practical in your approach to life.

However, your Scorpio Descendant indicates that you may be attracted to partners who possess traits such as intensity, depth, and passion.

This can create a powerful and transformative relationship, but may also require you to embrace your Scorpio traits a bit, such as emotional depth and willingness to dive into the unknown, to achieve a successful partnership.

Scorpio Descendant: Personality Traits

  • Patient and dependable nature
  • Emphasis on stability and security
  • Possesses a calm and soothing presence
  • Dislikes sudden changes or disruptions to routine
  • May be viewed as stubborn or resistant to change
  • Can be possessive or territorial in relationships
  • Attracted to intense and passionate individuals
  • Desire for deep emotional connections
  • Drawn to mysterious and enigmatic personalities
  • Seeks out partners who value honesty and authenticity

Scorpio Descendant: Love and Compatability

Your romantic life and the kind of people you are attracted to can be significantly influenced by your Descendant in Scorpio, which is considered your “other half.”

Because Scorpio has this intense, passionate, and mysterious nature, this can lead you to seek a person who is complex, deep, and unafraid of their darker emotions.

While this can bring a lot of intensity and depth to your relationships, it can also sometimes feel overwhelming, as Scorpio’s emotional intensity may clash with your more practical approach.

While this can bring a lot of intensity and depth to your relationships, it can also sometimes feel overwhelming.

Scorpio’s tendency towards complexity and moodiness may be frustrating to you at times, and your desire to “keep things simple” could sometimes irritate your partner in return.

However, Scorpio’s ability to deal with the difficulties of life may rub off on you a bit, while your desire for peace and harmony may influence Scorpio, as well.

Seventh House Planets In Your Birth Chart

The 7th House holds significant importance in representing committed relationships, and the placement of any planets in this house can greatly influence your Descendant in Scorpio.

For example, if you have Jupiter in the 7th House, you may be attracted to individuals who possess both intensity and depth (Scorpio), but also intellectual curiosity and expansion (Jupiter).

On the other hand, if you have Uranus in the 7th House, you may be attracted to partners who are emotionally deep and authentic (Scorpio), as well as innovative and unconventional (Uranus).

Understanding the impact of planets placed in the 7th House is crucial when exploring your Descendant in Scorpio. It enables you to identify the specific qualities you seek in a partnership, and the potential dynamics that may emerge in your committed relationships.

What is the descendant of Scorpio ascendant?

If you have a Scorpio Descendant in your natal chart, then your Ascendant will land in the sign of Taurus.

What is a 7th house descendant Scorpio?

A 7th House Scorpio Descendant means the type of people you attract in committed relationships and the qualities you seek in a partner may be intense, passionate, and possess depth.

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