The Mode of Scorpio: Uncovering the truth with tenacity

Scorpio is one of the water signs of the Zodiac, but so are Cancer and Pisces. So what makes these signs so different from one other? Why is Scorpio unique? To uncover a part of this answer, we need to look to the modalities or Scorpio’s mode.

The mode of Scorpio is fixed. The fixed modality is that of tenacity and perseverance. This energy offers Scorpio a strong will and uncompromising nature. Intense and insightful, Scorpio searches for what is real and the fixed modality pushes them to persist until they uncover the unpolished truth.

The fixed mode, when combined with other pieces of the astrological puzzle, lends Scorpio its unique qualities. Read on to learn more about Scorpio and what the fixed modality may mean for you!

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How the Fixed Mode Comes Out in Scorpio

The fixed mode represents the heart of a season. There may be times, right in the middle of a season, when it still feels fantastic and you wish it could last forever. Then there are other times when it feels as though it is dragging on for an eternity. For Scorpio, this season is autumn.

Autumn is beautiful at first, the leaves change into a gorgeous array of colors, and there is finally relief from the hot temperatures of summer. But then fall persists. The once colorful leaves all turn a monotone brown and blow away. Everywhere you look things are dying. Nothing will stop this process now that it has started, so you may as well accept the ugliness because, whether you like it or not, it is reality. This looks an awful lot like the fixed modality playing out in Scorpio.

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Scorpio shares the fixed mode with 3 other signs, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius. But, Scorpio is the only water element sign among these. So, even though they share the fixed mode, it expresses itself differently in each of these signs.

Scorpio and the Water Element

Scorpio’s element is water, and to experience a water sign is to experience an immense depth of emotion. Water signs lead with their emotions, not logic or reason. Scorpio has no choice but to feel its way through life. In order to do this well, water signs possess an incredibly high emotional intelligence and are able to recognize and understand emotions in themselves and others better than any other signs. They feel more and “see” a broader spectrum of emotions.

Scorpio comes off as incredibly perceptive, partly because they can “read” the emotions of others so well. They even have the ability to pinpoint emotional issues in others while the other person is still complete in the dark about what may be troubling them.

Some people can greatly benefit from this level of perception because once Scorpio helps them pull their issues into the light, they can be dealt with and healed. But there are others who would prefer to avoid Scorpio altogether because, if they have a feeling they are trying to hide or suppress, Scorpio is going to see it anyway.

This combination of fixed and water energy urges Scorpio to seek out emotional depth with a drive that doesn’t stop.

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Scorpio and Pluto

The ruler of Scorpio is Pluto, the planet of death and resurrection. Pluto adds a desire to transform to this combination of the fixed, determined modality, and the watery, emotional element.

Pluto’s style of transformation isn’t generally for the faint of heart. It resembles decay and rebirth much more than it resembles a fun make-over. Plutonian energy inspires Scorpio to take something that already exists, but is past its prime, and begin the process of breaking it down so that it can later be rebuilt again.

The energy of Pluto is like a wildfire that mercilessly tears through and destroys an old-growth forest, which is at the same time allowing for rebirth and renewal of the area once life returns. Pluto has no emotion. However, the water element adds an emotional layer to this process in Scorpio, who can be incredibly compassionate and empathetic.

Scorpio’s Goal

If Scorpio’s goal had to be narrowed down to just one thing, it would be to seek and feel the bare and unvarnished truth, no matter how ugly or unsettling it may be. To be able to grow and evolve as a soul, their mission is to burn through the pretty wrappings and veils that conceal the truths of life, pull them out from the shadows, and allow the process of healing to begin.

These truths that Scorpio is after, whether consciously or otherwise, can definitely be the things that society only whispers about. Sometimes hidden truths or taboos are horrifying, absurd, or shameful. That doesn’t bother Scorpio at all. In fact, they may be drawn to them.

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Scorpio’s Strengths

Each sign comes with a distinct set of needs and desires, but many astrologers also believe that people come with a collection of tools that help them to achieve those evolutionary goals.

For Scorpio, if their need is to continuously seek hidden truths, they would need some tools to help them with that. One of these tools is the ability to handle very emotionally charged subjects.

Scorpio needs to be able to pinpoint concealed truths and pull them to the surface, but what they find could be emotionally difficult or disturbing. These kinds of subjects could send most people running, but Scorpio leans in. Using their watery emotionally powerful energy, Scorpio can discuss and feel intense emotions without breaking down. Whatever it is they find, they can handle it.

This also makes Scorpio an incredible confidant as they are someone you could reveal your deepest, darkest secret to and they would never judge you. And, after telling someone about it, you would more than likely feel much better. This is Pluto’s healing in action.

Another strength Scorpio brings to aid them is courage. Examining topics that others wouldn’t dream of talking about, while anyone else is in earshot, at least, is Scorpio’s bread and butter. But rooting out and uncovering these ugly, scary, shameful, or macabre subjects can be really a really heavy load to bear, both emotionally and socially.

Sure, Scorpio has a deep emotional well to draw from to handle heavy topics, but they also feel deeply. Persisting when they know it may be painful takes courage.

Also, not everything Scorpio is interested in talking about is generally considered socially acceptable. They run the risk of turning people off or rejecting their intensity when they are simply being themselves. Carrying on regardless of how they are received by society takes courage and also shows their fixed mode in action. They may be heavy on the feelings, but they are tough!

One other strength in Scorpio’s toolkit is their realness. They are terrible at “putting on a mask” or “playing a part.” They are real and they have no time to waste putting on a superficial act. Also, Scorpio doesn’t appreciate superficiality in others, as well. Scorpio needs to love their authentic truth. This also means that Scorpio is very accepting of flaws in other people, you can be your true self around them. They would much rather know all of you, ugly parts and all, than a prettier looking but fake version of you,

Scorpio Challenges

Scorpio has many strengths, but every coin has two sides. Each strength, when pushed to extremes, can become a challenge. Enter the shadow of Scorpio.

A healthy Scorpio can handle any emotional subjects thrown at them, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t ever become too much for them. The pain and sadness in the world that they can’t help but absorb can build up to unhealthy levels. This can lead Scorpio into a hole of moodiness or even depression. Scorpio needs to make it a point to blow off steam from time to time.

Another challenge for Scorpio is to be careful to only use their penetrating powers of the mind for good. They can have the ability to sense what others are afraid of, insecure about, or feel shame for. If Scorpio becomes annoyed or upset with someone, it would be too easy for them to drop an emotional bomb. Scorpio can be very skilled at knowing exactly which buttons to push in someone and pushing them, delivering a devastating “low blow” in an argument.

Scorpio Info

DatesOctober 23 – November 21
SymbolThe scorpion
ArchetypeThe sorcerer
GoalTo uncover the unvarnished truth
LovesDeep discussions, realness, honesty
DislikesSuperficiality, suppressing feelings, injustice
StrengthsInsightful, compassionate, courageous, intensity
ChallengesMoodiness, depression, unfair or cruel in arguments