Solar Fire Astrology Software: Honest Review [Actual User]

Solar Fire software offers the same, full set of features as other astrology software on the market but at a better price. The software interface design may be in need of a modern update, but don’t be fooled. This is one of the most powerful astrology programs out there, capable of doing every type of analysis or forecasting you can think of with ease.

I have purchased and used multiple astrology software programs and Solar Fire is, by far, my favorite. If you have been thinking about upgrading to more robust astrology software, find out how this software stacks up.


  • Solar Fire seems to offer the same features at a lower price than others.
  • This software can be used for basic natal analysis, or complex readings.
  • Every detail of chart output in Solar Fire is completely customizable.
  • Solar Fire only works on a Windows PC.

Solar Fire Software: Pros

I have purchased two astrology software programs for use on my Windows PC and one iPhone app, but Solar Fire is now the program I use exclusively, and I love it.

*If you would like to see an extensive list of Solar Fire software features, you can find it on Astrolabe’s website here. But, be sure to find out about our exclusive discount code and bonuses offered before placing your order!


While it is true that I paid more for Solar Fire than I did for my other astrology software programs, that doesn’t tell the whole story.

The price for the Solar Fire software is $360 ( but click here to see how I can get you a discount).

I have also bought AstroGold for my iPhone for $40, and while it is handy for use when on the run, it doesn’t begin to stand up to the capabilities offered by Solar Fire. AstroGold also makes more powerful PC software, but it only runs on the macOS.

Prior to Solar Fire, I used TimePassages from Astrograph which sells for $279. While that is also good software, this is only the “mid-range” version of that program and lacks many of the features offered by Solar Fire. A comparable version of Timepassages sells for $846.

Astrology SoftwarePriceOperating System
Solar Fire$360Windows OS
TimePassages$79-$846Windows OS
WinStar$180-$360Windows OS
Sirius$550Windows OS
AstroGold Software$230macOS

Simple or Complex Capabilities

Anything I could think of that you would want to add to a chart or analyze in astrology is included in this software.

Lunar phases, progressions, transits, synastry, eclipses, and more are included as features in this software.

But, this doesn’t mean that it is too complicated for beginner astrologers! Solar Fire is customizable enough to make your experience as simple or complex as you need.

Consistent Interface

The designers of Solar Fire have done a good job of keeping menus and options consistent in the program.

Once you know how to change the preferences in one area of the software, you will find a similar menu style when trying to change preferences in another area.

There is a learning curve, but once you start to “get it,” the rest comes quickly.

Also, I offer a free Solar Fire Quick-Start course that walks you step-by-step through using the program, right from the first time you open it. Click here to find out how to get yours.

Chart Design Control

One of the things that drew me to Solar Fire was the complete control you have over the look and design of charts.

This includes everything from what information is included in the wheel to the placement and size of every part of it.

Colors, fonts, what information is included on the page, and even images and backgrounds you would like to use are all under your control.

Learning how to manipulate each of the features in the chart and page took a little work as I didn’t the Solar Fire instruction manual was the best, so I put together two courses, Solar Fire Designer 101 for beginners and Solar Fire Designer 201 for advanced chart design techniques. Find out here how to get both of these for free!

If you would like to see an extensive list of Solar Fire software features, you can find it on Astrolabe’s website here. But, be sure to find out about our exclusive discount and bonuses offered before placing your order!

My Discount and Bonuses

Astrolabe, the company that makes Solar Fire, was generous enough to offer my readers a discount code you can use to save money on your own Solar Fire software!

In addition, I am offering multiple, free bonuses that help you get up and going with Solar Fire and feel successful and confident using it from day one.

a laptop on a table showing a list of bonuses offered with The Happy Mystic's Solar Fire coupon code

Solar Fire Software: Cons

Very few things in life, if any, are perfect and this software is no exception. Here are the things I didn’t love about the Solar Fire software.

Website and Ordering Process

Clearly, I was able to figure out how to order this software, but the website doesn’t make figuring out how that easy.

There is a lot of information on the site, which is great, but the way it is structured makes it difficult to feel confident that you are purchasing the right thing.

I will say that this is a trend I noticed across the board with astrology software, and TimePassages’ sales page is set up in a much more user-friendly way.

Also, the software doesn’t come as an automatic download, rather it is emailed to you during business hours.

Mine was pretty quick in being sent (I ordered on a Friday and it arrived right away on Monday), but most people expect instant downloads at this point, and every other software I have purchased online in the last 10 years has been an instant download, so I’m not sure why this can’t be fixed.

But, these were minor inconveniences and now that I am using the software it is easy to use and I love it. Plus, if you go to my Solar Fire discount and bonus page here, I made a video that shows you how to order the software so you don’t have to wonder!

Antiquated-Looking Interface

While the software itself is fantastic, comprehensive, and easy to use, its interface doesn’t look particularly modern.

This didn’t bother me because I don’t care what it looks like as long as it works well and can produce a great-looking chart to print, but this has the potential to be a turn-off to some people I think.

Lack of Tutorials

Solar Fire does come with a long instruction manual, but it isn’t very user-friendly.

While this is definitely better than nothing and can be very helpful when trying to figure out how to use a particular feature, I found no visuals at all to refer to and I would have liked to have seen images, at least, and videos at best.

Because of this, I created the Solar Fire Quick-Start course that comes as a free bonus when you use my coupon code (and get your discount). Find out more about it here.

My Favorite Solar Fire Features

Even taking the cons into consideration, Solar Fire software is, by far, the best I’ve used. Here are some of my favorite features that make this my astrology software of choice.

1. Home Screen

a computer screen showing the home screen of solar fire software for astrology

This may seem like no big deal, but the home screen that pops up every time you open Solar Fire is great.

In a box, it automatically keeps a clickable list of charts you have used recently, making pulling charts back up to continue working on so convenient.

Plus, it gives you a little preview of the chart you have selected, as well.

I know that this doesn’t seem earth-shaking, but it is little details like this that can make you love using a program.

2. Chart Search

a screenshot of solar fire showing chart search

Solar Fire stores every chart that you create and save, which is standard for astrology software, but this program makes searching through your saved charts so easy.

Not only can you search by the name associated with the chart, but you can also search by features of the chart itself.

It allows you to search by everything from a planet in a particular house or sign certain aspect patterns, chart shapes, and more. Plus, you can even search using multiple parameters, for instance, Pluto in Aries AND Venus in the 3rd House, which I found mind-blowing.

Solar Fire also comes equipped with an extensive library of charts that you can search through and study before you have even added a single one of your own.

3. Chart Animation

a screenshot showing solar fire's chart animation feature

What would this chart look like 3 hours from now? What about 3 years in the future or the past?

Solar Fire makes finding out simple with its chart animation feature.

Choose one chart, a bi-wheel, or more, and with the easy-to-use controls, you can select a unit of time from seconds to years and cast your chart into the past or future.

Click to move the chart ahead or behind step by step, or animate it to run continuously at a speed of your choice.

I have found this feature to be very handy (and very cool).

4. Page Designer

solar fire astrology software showing the page designer feature

Solar Fire places no limitations on you when it comes to chart output and what the chart page includes or looks like.

The control you have over the look of your charts was one of the main selling points for me and, as a user, one of my favorite parts.

Their Page Designer allows you to choose what to include on your page from a large library of objects and features. Then, you can drag, drop, and resize these objects to put them exactly where you want them.

Page size itself can be customized completely, and custom images and backgrounds can be placed just how you want them.

In my Solar Fire Designer 201 course (a free bonus offered with my coupon code) I walk you step by step through placing backgrounds and images, taking away the guesswork.

5. One-Click Interpretations

solar fire screenshot showing the one-click interpretation feature

When reading a chart on-screen, Solar Fire allows you to click on a planet or house and a box will pop up showing you the exact placement and a brief interpretation of that placement.

This also works in the aspect grid. Double-click on any aspect and the box will give you all of the details, including the aspect type, orb, and a quick interpretation.

I absolutely love this software, and if you are in the market for an upgrade in your astrology software, this one comes highly recommended.

If you are ready to learn more about Solar Fire and the discount and bonuses you can get through using our coupon code, click the button below to learn more!


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