Get Up & Running With Solar Fire On Day One!

In addition to getting our exclusive Solar Fire discount code, learn how to use the most important features of the software, how to set it up, and how to draw a chart that looks exactly want it.

Let’s take a look at what is possible with this software now!

*As an affiliate of Solar Fire, I get paid a commission when you use my coupon code to buy the software.

Some of My Favorite Features:

an example chart from Solar Fire

Software That Grows With You
Solar Fire can be used in a way that is as simple or complex as you like. You can quickly prepare a single chart, bi-wheels, tri-wheels, and more. View transits with a click of a button.

an example chart from Solar Fire

Full Control Over Preferences
Each part of the chart-casting process can be customized, from points to orbs to aspects. Your charts can include any astrological point or process you can think of or as few as you’d like.

an example chart from Solar Fire

Completely Customizable
The look of the wheels and printable chart pages are fully customizable down to every detail, including colors, sizes, and fonts. Even logos or images can be added.

a screenshot of solar fire showing chart search

Powerful Features
Easy-to-use animation features can reveal placements in the future or past with the click of a button. Search your chart files by name or even by a specific placement. Print an interpretation report that includes only the details you want, quickly and easily.

*See an extensive list of all of the features here on the Solar Fire webpage, but don’t forget to read the instructions below to get our discount and bonuses!

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15% Off Solar Fire
Simply using our coupon code gets you 15% off Astrolabe’s Solar Fire software.

Our Solar Fire Quick-Start Course
This video course will walk you step-by-step through what to do the moment you open Solar Fire. We will draw a chart together right away and will go through the most important features that you need to know first. Skip the overwhelm!

the happy mystic's solar fire designer 101

Our Solar Fire Designer 101 Basics Video Series
This is what I couldn’t find when I got my Solar Fire software, so I made it for you! Solar Fire allows you incredible control of your chart designs…as long as you can figure out how. Use our coupon code and get access to this video series where I teach you all of the tips and tricks to making your charts look just how you want them.

the happy mystic's solar fire designer 201

Our Solar Fire Designer 201 Advanced Video Series
In this video series, I teach you how to take your charts to the next level and walk you step-by-step through how to have complete control over colors, create custom bi-wheels, add images and backgrounds to your chart pages, and more!

natal chart reading template with 29 pages included

Chart Reading Template
We are throwing in The Happy Mystic’s beautiful chart reading template as an extra bonus! It comes as a PDF that you can print and use immediately, and as a Canva template (with instructions) so that you can customize it perfectly. Feel confident offering this beautiful template to your client (or family or friend) as a takeaway from their reading.

Ready to Uplevel Your Astrology Readings? Here’s How:

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  2. Go through the checkout process and be sure to use our exclusive coupon code: HM15 which will get you 15% off Solar Fire.
  3. Once you’ve checked out, fill in the form below with the email you used to buy the software and our bonuses will be sent to you right away!