Stellium in a Sign: Meaning of This Supergroup of Planets

Having three or more planets sitting together in the same sign in a natal chart is called a stellium and it suggests that all of those planets will work together with the same goals and motivations. This stellium of planets, along with the sign that they sit in, will play an extra important role in your life.

You open your natal chart and, immediately, a clump of planets all grouped together in one sign of the Zodiac grabs your attention, a sign stellium. How might this influence your chart reading and your life?

So how, exactly, does this important collection of planets affect you? Read on to find out!

What is a stellium in a sign?

a picture of a night sky with silhouettes of trees and an illustration of a natal chart and stars layered on top, what is a sign stellium

A stellium is a group of three or more planets placed together in one house or one sign.

Below are two examples of a stellium. The first is a stellium in a house, the 9th House. Our second chart example shows a stellium in the sign of Gemini. This individual’s stellium actually contains 5 planets!

stellium in the 9th house
a natal chart showing a stellium in one sign, gemini

Every planet represents a part or a mechanism of our mind or spirit.

Mercury, for instance, is our planet for logical thinking and communication. Venus? This is the planet that urges us to form bonds with others.

In a sign stellium, the mental and emotional processes of each planet involved meld together, forming a kind of supergroup where they all operate through the same sign.

With so much energy concentrated in one place, a stellium is a “hot spot” in your chart pointing you toward the qualities and motivations of a sign that can’t be ignored.

Sign stellium meaning

With a sign stellium, there will be an exaggerated emphasis on the traits and desires of that sign.

In the example chart below, you can see that this person has a 4 planet stellium consisting of their Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Neptune in the sign of Sagittarius.

a stellium in the same sign, sagittarius

Because their chart shows an emphasis in Sagittarius, the Sagittarian characteristics of a search for the meaning of life, freedom to explore, adventure, impulsivity, and optimism may be dominant for them when it comes to their thinking and communication style, their take on relationships, how they connect with a higher power, and even the core of who they are, their ego.

The planets of a sign stellium will work together in harmony, all complimenting the efforts of one another.

Infographic about a sign stellium

And, a sign stellium indicates that the goals and motivations of that sign will play an important role in your soul’s work.

Think of a stellium in a sign like a flashing beacon in your natal chart that commands your attention.

The matters of that sign will need to be taken into consideration in your life because the business of this sign will pop up one way or another, whether you flow with it or fight against it!

The planets involved are focusing and melding their energy all together through the filter of the traits and characteristics, strengths and challenges of this one sign. It can’t be overlooked.

two men and a woman lounging by a pool in front of mountains, symbolizing a stellium, a group of planets, all in the same sign

Stellium through the signs

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