Taurus in the 2nd House: Stable spender or hoarder of wealth?

If you have a Taurus or Aries ascendant, then you may find Taurus on the cusp of the 2nd house of your natal chart. Your outward personality may be assertive and passionate, but how you see your finances or material things may not reflect this same domineering personality. What could having Taurus in the 2nd house mean for you?

Steady Taurus in the 2nd house of your natal chart may make you practical and reliable when it comes to finances. Being able to afford security for yourself may bring you peace, but this could be taken too far. You may worry that you will never have enough and take more than your fair share.

No one’s views on money and possessions, or their feelings of self-worth when it comes to their finances, is this simple, however. Read on to go more in-depth about what Taurus in the 2nd house may mean for you!

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Characteristics of Taurus in the 2nd House

Taurus is a sign that wants to find peace and quiet in the world. It is stable, patient, easy-going, and practical. But, we need to keep this in the context of the 2nd house. The 2nd house isn’t your ego or how other people would describe you. It is traditionally called the House of Money.

This is also oversimplified, however. The 2nd house does cover the territory of your life that covers your finances and material things, but there is more to it than that. It also describes how your money and possessions make you feel, or how our ability to secure what we need or want affects how we feel about ourselves.

Taurus wants to find inner-calm and part of the way it finds this is through having a stable life and having “enough”. However, having an Aries ascendant and, more than likely, your Sun in a sign other than Taurus, this need for stability may not be outwardly apparent to other people.

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To other people, you may not at all come off as someone who is steady, patient, and practical like Taurus. With Aries rising, there is a better chance that you would be described as ambitious, a risk-taker, and ready to tackle a challenge head-on, nothing like reliable Taurus. However, with Taurus in your 2nd house, it flavors your relationship with your finances in such a way that part of your sense of security is tied up in responsibly saving your money and staying away from financial risk.

There is the possibility that Taurus inspires you to be very practical with how you view your finances. That being said, you may also love a little luxury in your life. Expensive sheets, nice clothes that feel good on your skin, the finer things, Taurus loves comfort, and with this sign in your 2nd house affording things that give you that comfort may be important to you.

There is also a chance that you can become very attached to your belongings. Taurus loves the familiar. With Taurus in your 2nd, you may be someone who hangs onto their things for a lifetime. You are used to them, why would you want something different? Along those same lines, you may be a person who is very loyal to a particular brand, sticking with the same detergent, make of a car, or perfume for as long as they sell it.

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Taurus in the 2nd House Strengths

  1. Good at saving: Having Taurus in the 2nd brings with it a lot of benefits, including the mindset needed to save money. Taurus is patient and reliable. Security is everything to Taurus so you may be someone who is great at continuously putting money away for a rainy day. This also means that you have great potential to offer a stable home, financially speaking, for your family.
  2. Not risky with finances: Because of that need for calm stability, having Taurus in your 2nd house means that there is a good chance that you don’t take unwise financial risks. You may be one who likes a slow moving mutual fund instead of being lured by a volatile stock that may pay out big (or plummet in a big way). Slow and steady wealth building is more than likely preferred with Taurus in your 2nd.
  3. Motivated to earn: Taurus seeks that peaceful, stable life, but they also like comfort. With Taurus in your 2nd house you may be motivated to build wealth, both for security, but also so that you can afford those finer things. Taurus is very in-tuned with their senses and loves to touch, smell, taste, and hear beautiful things. Often, the best doesn’t come cheap so Taurus is willing to earn what they need to afford it.
  4. Spends within their means: Another reason that having Taurus is motivated to earn a lot is because their practicality makes it difficult for them to spend outside of their means. Putting a lot of purchases on credit cards or blowing their rent money on nice shoes will not bring Taurus the stable life they so desire. With Taurus in your 2nd house, you may be great at not spending more than you have budgeted.
  5. Takes care of their things: Taurus is a sign loves routine and what is familiar. With Taurus in the 2nd house, this could definitely be the case when it comes to their possessions. They love their things and the familiarity they bring so they would be wiling to take care of them. With Taurus in your 2nd, there is a good chance that you maintain and care for your things well so that they will last as long as possible.

Challenges for Taurus in the 2nd House

  1. Takes no financial risk: Sure, not being reckless with your money is a good thing, but Taurus may not even be satisfied with that. Any investment comes with some risk, but with Taurus in your 2nd house, it could be difficult to ever put money on the line, stagnating financial growth.
  2. Hoarding wealth or possessions: Financial stability is great, but with Taurus in the 2nd house there is a chance that it may never feel like enough is enough. This could result in being preoccupied with the amassing of money or things. There is nothing wrong with wealth or affluency until the work that it takes to make the money or manage the things affects quality of life.
  3. Lack of generosity: With Taurus in the 2nd house, a lack of generosity wouldn’t be become of greediness or not wanting to help others. It would stem from an irrational fear of not being able to support themselves. This could look like having plenty of money, but not be willing to part with it, or it could take the form of being overly possessive of their things and unwilling to loan out or trust anyone with their belongings.
  4. Identify themselves with luxury: There is nothing wrong with a little luxury in life, but with Taurus in the 2nd house there is the possibility that one’s sense of identity and worth could become intertwined with their ability to afford and own luxury items and live in comfort.
  5. Lacks innovative ideas: Taurus appreciates the tried and true. With Taurus in the 2nd house there is a risk that this love for what is familiar could take the form of resisting any new ideas when it comes to financial opportunities. They may find themselves continuously investing their money into the same investments on repeat because that is “how they’ve always done it.” This may not be a bad things, but it does have the potential to trap them in financial stagnancy, or stick with an investment that has long since played out.

The Significance of Venus and Other Planets

Venus is the ruler of Taurus. With Taurus in your 2nd house, the position of Venus is going to help add “flavor” to how Taurus is expressed when it comes to your relationship with your belongings and how you identify with your finances. Check your chart to see what sign Venus lies in. The characteristic of this sign will add a little more detail to how you express your 2nd house.

For instance, if Venus is in Aries, it may temper some of the stability that Taurus brings to the table and there may be less of an aversion to risk. Ambition to build wealth may be enhanced and there may a slightly more aggressive attitude when it comes to money and possessions.

Also, any planets that inhabit your 2nd house will also definitely add to this mix. With Saturn in your 2nd house, it may be more of a challenge to earn or keep money. Building wealth is definitely something you would be capable of, but there may be challenges to overcome in the process. It could also mean that you could be even more responsible with your finances or possessions.

Uranus in your 2nd house? The way that you earn money could be very unique. Or, there is a possibility that the types of things you like to buy or collect are out of the ordinary.

Keep in mind that these are general characterizations of Taurus in the 2nd house. Your natal chart contains a lot of other pieces to your soul’s puzzle. Your Sun sign, if you have an Aries ascendant, and your Moon sign are going to lay the foundation for your personality and be more significant in shaping the person you identify yourself as. However, having Taurus in your 2nd house will affect your relationship with your money and material possessions and also how you identify yourself in terms of your finances.

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