Taurus in the 3rd House: Wise speaker or people pleaser?

If you have a Pisces ascendant, then you may find Taurus on the cusp of the 3rd house of your natal chart. Your outward personality may be very go-with-the-flow and run deep with emotion, but the way you communicate may not always reflect these same adaptable Piscean traits. What could having Taurus in the 3rd house mean for you?

Stable Taurus in the 3rd house of your natal chart may make you calm and predictable when it comes to how you communicate. Keeping the peace in interactions may be important to you, but this could be taken too far. You may tell people what they want to hear in an attempt to avoid conflict.

This is a very simplified description, however. Keep reading to learn more about what Taurus in the 3rd house may mean for you and your communication style!

two people standing in front of a door of a house talking, symbolizing taurus in the 3rd house

Characteristics of Taurus in the 3rd House

Taurus is a sign that wants to find stability and tranquility in the world. It is steady, patient, reliable, and practical. However, these traits need to be kept in the context of the 3rd house. This isn’t an area that describes your ego or your soul’s purpose. Traditionally, it is called the House of Communication.

It isn’t this simple, however. The 3rd House does describe the manner in which you speak with others but also details the way in which you interpret the messages others send back at you. And, speaking isn’t the only form of communication. Writing and any other medium of communication is covered here. Plus, the way your mind works, how you think, is described in this house.

The 3rd house also offers insight into some childhood experiences, some of which may still resonate in your life today. These are your relationship with your siblings and other close, life-long peer relationships, like neighbors or cousins, and your early schooling experience.

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How you feel about traveling about in your community or region is also covered in the 3rd house. It really is focused on your first taste of exploration and interaction outside of yourself.

Taurus is motivated to create a steady, stable, and calm environment. However, if you have a Pisces Ascendant and your sun in a sign other than Taurus, this need for familiarity may not be outwardly apparent.

To the people that know you, you may not come off as a person who is very practical and calm like Taurus. However, with Taurus on your 3rd house cusp, it shapes the way you view communication and your sibling relationships in such a way that part of your sense of inner peace is dependent upon your interactions with others.

Taurus may influence you to want to think something all of the way through before you say it out loud. This isn’t a sign that usually just blurts out anything on its mind or that acts impulsively. In conversation, you may be very thoughtful about fully listening to the other person and then consider their words and ideas completely before responding.

With siblings and other very close, life-long peer relationships, like cousins or neighbors, you may be great about keeping things calm and harmonious. Taurus thrives on peace and in your 3rd House this may extend to those you were first close with as a child. These may not be relationships where there is a lot of rivalry or competition.

In early schooling, this peaceful demeanor may have also shone through. You may have gotten along well with teachers, as long as they were asking you to learn about things with a practical application and gave you enough thinking time to consider your answer fully before responding.

three friends walking on the sidewalk, symbolizing taurus in the 3rd house

Taurus in the 3rd House Strengths

  1. Wise speaker: With Taurus in your 3rd house, you may think things through very well before saying them out, choosing each word carefully. This may mean that you come off as a wise presence to others who may seek out your simple wisdom when they need advice. Sometimes simple wisdom can be the most profound.
  2. Patient listener: Taurus is not an interrupter and in your 3rd house this may make you a great person to have a conversation with because you may not be butting in to speak before the other person has even finished and you won’t be easily distracted and find your mind wandering, either. You may be great at, not just hearing, but fully listening to another person and taking in their thoughts which can be a powerful tool that makes others feel validated.
  3. Calming presence: If the goal of Taurus could be boiled down to one thing it may be seeking peace. In your 3rd house, this may mean that you don’t use your words for aggression or to get a rise out of others. Debate may not be something that interests you as you may be more interested in using your words or writing to bring more calm and harmony to a situation or to another person.
  4. Keeps in contact: Taurus loves what is familiar. With Taurus in your 3rd you may be someone who likes to stay in contact with your close circle, including your siblings or other people you have known since before you can remember. You may be the glue that keeps friend groups together, making sure to communicate and not falling off with people.
  5. Relaxed short-distance traveler: The 3rd house covers the territory of traveling around in your region, travel that doesn’t feel foreign or feels like it pushes you out of your comfort zone. You may love relaxing long weekends where you aren’t out looking for adventure and adrenaline highs. Lounging on a beach, enjoying a picnic, or getting a massage at a spa may be much more your style with comfort loving Taurus in your 3rd house.

Challenges for Taurus in the 3rd House

  1. Slower in conversation: There are many times when being a deliberate speaker is a great skill, but sometimes we must be ready to think quickly on our feet and Taurus struggles with that a bit. Also, it may be tough for others who are more high-strung or impatient to stick around long enough for a conversation with Taurus in the 3rd.
  2. Stays in the comfort zone: Familiarity is comforting, but it can also keep us from growing. With Taurus in the 3rd, it may want to only stick with topics of conversation that are familiar. It may also struggle to visit new places in its area, preferring to go where they have always gone.
  3. Avoids conflict: Because Taurus loves tranquility so much, it may say what people want to hear just to avoid any conflict whatsoever. Taurus in the 3rd can be a people-pleaser. There are times when issues need to be discussed and addressed and Taurus may struggle with this, preferring the calm waters of harmonious conversation.
  4. Stubborn in conversation: Once in discussion, Taurus may struggle with talking about topics that they don’t agree with or that they aren’t interested in. It may be challeging to hear other points of view with Taurus in the 3rd. For the most part, this won’t result in getting angry, but rather just avoiding the conversation or changing the subject to talk about topics it is more comfortable with.
  5. Can surprise with anger: Even though it isn’t easy or quick to happen, Taurus can be pushed too far, however, and when that happens it may seem to come out of nowhere. Taurus’ default mode is calm and it can hold on to its internal harmony well, but when finally pushed past that limit Taurus will rage in a way that may take others by surprise. In the 3rd house, this could be the case in conversations or with siblings or other close life-long relationships.

The Significance of Venus and Other Planets

Venus rules Taurus. With Taurus in your 3rd house, the position of Venus is going to help shape how Taurus is expressed when in your communication style and with your siblings. Find Venus in your chart and see what sign it sits in. The traits of this sign will add more “flavor” to how you express your 3rd house.

For example, if Venus is in Aries, Taurus’ patience may not be quite as enduring. Aries could lessen Taurus’ love for familiarity and also could influence it to be a bit more impulsive or aggressive in its speech. Venus in Sagittarius? Taurus may enjoy a little more adventure on those weekend jaunts.

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Planets that sit in your 3rd house will also influence this mix as well. With Saturn in the 3rd house, early schooling may feel a bit more difficult. Communication may seem like more of a challenge, but there also may be more ambition and self-discipline employed to do so. This placement may also temper the need to people please as Saturn doesn’t require the approval of others to feel successful.

Uranus in the 3rd house? There may be more of a tendency to speak about unique interests, or the style of communication may be original or eccentric. And like with Saturn, in the 3rd house Uranus may lessen Taurus’ desire to always please others in communication and make it more comfortable with debate.

Remember that these are very broad generalizations of Taurus in the 3rd house and that both life and astrology are much more complex. A birth chart is much more telling and accurate when read as a whole rather than just having one-piece pulled out and examined.

However, this description begins to give you an idea of how Taurus in your 3rd house could affect how you communicate with others and the dynamics of your relationship with your siblings.