Taurus Descendant: Your “Ideal” Romantic Partner

A Taurus Descendant in astrology represents the qualities that you seek in a committed partner, including stability, reliability, and security. It can also reflect the parts of yourself that you may not readily express, such as your sensual nature and appreciation for the finer things in life.

What could having a Taurus Descendant mean for you? Keep reading to find out!


  • Your Taurus Descendant describes your opposite, but also a partner that will balance you.
  • The sign of the bull may describe characteristics you can’t recognize in yourself.
  • Planets inhabiting your 7th House will also be important.
a bull in space and words that say "who is your taurus descendant?"

Descendant in Taurus Meaning

If you have a Taurus Descendant in your astrology chart, it means that you may seek out partners who are grounded, practical, and stable.

Those who can provide a sense of security and comfort in your life may draw you in.

Your DC in Taurus can reveal qualities that you may not recognize or express in yourself, such as an appreciation for familiar routines, sensuality, and material comforts.

Your Taurus Descendant can reveal qualities that you may not recognize or express in yourself

You may be attracted to partners who possess these traits, as they can help balance you and pull out these hidden parts of yourself.

By understanding your Taurus Descendant, you can gain insight into your relationship needs and the kind of partner who can help you find balance and fulfillment in your life.

Descendant Meaning

Your Descendant in astrology divides the zodiac wheel in half and symbolizes the western horizon in your birth chart.

ascendant and descendant on a chart

It is one of the most important points in your chart because it reveals the kind of partner you seek and how you approach relationships.

The Descendant angle can also represent characteristics that you might not recognize in yourself or traits you struggle with.

These qualities may be what you look for in a partner, and being with them could help you balance out your strengths and weaknesses as they do the same.

By reading your Descendant, you can learn more about your relationship needs and gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

taurus glyph

Meaning of Zodiac Sign Taurus

Taurus represents stability, sensuality, and a love for the finer things in life.

This earth sign is known for its grounded and practical nature, as well as its love of being with other people, luxury, and comfort.

While it feels most at peace when it has predictable routines to count on, Taurus can also be stubborn and set in its ways.

It can be slow to change and fiercely protective of what they have, but, its unwavering determination allows Taurus to have a steady focus.

Taurus appreciates beauty and finds pleasure in the simple things in life.

Scorpio Rising Sign/Taurus Descendant Sign

Your Ascendant sign, also known as the sign of your First House cusp, is the sign that is said to be “rising” in your chart.

If you are a Scorpio rising, it means that your Ascendant is sitting in the sign of the scorpion, and your Descendant sign may be Taurus.

example chart of a taurus descendant
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Your Scorpio Ascendant represents the image you project to the world, while the Descendant sign highlights the qualities you may seek in a partner.

With Scorpio rising, you may come across as intense, curious, and magnetic to others, and you may have an inner depth and passion that others find alluring.

However, your Taurus Descendant reveals that you may be looking for a partner who is stable, practical, and down-to-earth.

You may desire a partner who can offer security and comfort, as well as a sense of beauty and pleasure.

To find a harmonious partnership, you may need to find someone to balance your intense Scorpio nature with the practical and grounded Taurus qualities.

And, embracing your Taurus Descendant traits within yourself can help you feel more well-rounded, as well.

Taurus Descendant/Scorpio Ascendant Traits

  • Your magnetic and mysterious qualities draw people to you
  • Fiercely independent, you crave control over your own life
  • You may have a tendency towards jealousy and possessiveness in relationships
  • You value loyalty and honesty in your relationships and have a deep capacity for love
  • Attracted to partners who are reliable, stable, and committed
  • May value tradition, loyalty, and long-term relationships your their partners
  • Desire for material and financial security can influence the approach to relationships and partner selection

Taurus Descendant: Love and Compatability

Being your “other half,” your Descendant in Taurus can have a significant impact on your romantic life and who you’re attracted to.

Because Taurus has a stable, loyal, and practical nature, this can lead you to seek a person who is reliable, steady, patient, and value tradition and long-term relationships.

While this could help you find a sense of security in your partnerships, it could also sometimes feel like you’re missing out on some excitement.

While this could help you find a sense of security in your partnerships, it could also sometimes feel like you’re missing out on some excitement because they may seem too stable.

Taurus’ stubbornness and possessive nature may be frustrating to you at times, and your more flexible and open-minded qualities could sometimes irritate your partner in return.

However, Taurus’ patience and appreciation for comfort may rub off on you a bit, while your raw honesty and emotional depth may influence Taurus, as well.

Seventh House Planets In Your Birth Chart

The 7th House is the astrological house that represents committed partnerships, and the planets placed in this house can have a significant impact on your Descendant in Taurus.

For example, if you have Urunus in the 7th House, you may be drawn to people who are calm and predictable (Taurus), but also very unique or even a bit of a rebel or outsider (Uranus).

On the other hand, if you have Mars in the Seventh House, you may be drawn to partners who are responsible and steady (Taurus), but also bold, courageous, and maybe even aggressive at times (Mars).

Planets in your 7th House can give you a deeper understanding of the specific qualities you desire in a partnership and the dynamics that may emerge in your committed relationships.

What does your Descendant mean?

Your Descendant is also your 7th House and it represents the western horizon of your natal chart and provides insight into the qualities you seek in a partner and the traits that balance you out. It also reveals the parts of yourself that you may not recognize or express.

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