The Mode of Taurus: Finding peace in stability

Taurus is one of the earth signs of the Zodiac, but so are Virgo and Capricorn. If that is so, why are they so different from each other? What makes Taurus unique? For part of the answer, we need to look no further than the modalities, or Taurus’ mode.

The mode of Taurus is fixed. The fixed modality is that of endurance and holding one’s ground. This energy influences Taurus to seek stability and what is familiar. Patient and settled, the fixed mode inspires Taurus to keep their feet on solid ground and appreciate what has been time-tested.

Read on to find out more about how the fixed mode affects Taurus and what this modality may mean for you!

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How the Fixed Mode Comes Out in Taurus

The fixed modality represents the heart of a season, the part of a season that seems to last forever. Sometimes part of a season feels fantastic and you wish it could stay forever. And at times it may feel as though you will be stuck in it for an eternity. For Taurus, this season is the heart of spring.

New life has emerged, the world is new again, there is a fresh smell in the air, and the sun begins to shine its warmth down on us for longer every day. You are in awe of all of these sights, sounds, and smells and you may wish it would stay like this every day. This is a snapshot of the fixed modality playing out in Taurus.

There are 3 other signs that Taurus shares this mode with, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. However, Taurus is the only earth sign among these, so even though they share the fixed mode, it plays out differently in each of the signs.

Patient and Practical

The element of Taurus is earth and to experience an earth sign is to experience an energy of creation. Earth signs are not signs to contemplate and overcomplicate for too long. Intelligent, yes, but their concern is more in doing, building, or making things into reality. To do this they must get down to business, commit to an idea, and see it through. Abstract ideas are far less valuable to an earth sign than the practical. Combine this earth energy with the fixed modality that likes to maintain the status quo and you have the blueprint for the incredibly patient, faithful, and reliable Taurus.

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The combination of fixed and earth energy influences Taurus to be happy with the way things are. This is an energy of perseverance and reliability. Taurus loves to find peace and satisfaction in the calm waters of stability.

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Calm and Sensual

The ruler of Taurus is Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Venus adds a bit of serenity to this mix of steadiness from the fixed modality and the resourceful and practical energy from the earth element. To be content, it helps to be calm, and Venus helps Taurus in this regard.

As an earth element with a fixed modality, Taurus needs ample time simply existing with nature. Because Venus also brings a healthy dose of sensuality to this sign, Taurus also loves to sense the world around them. Tastes, scents, the feel of the earth beneath their feet, and the awesome sight of the orange sun slowly ducking behind the horizon. Taurus takes in and appreciates everything. Taking the time to note what is coming in from their senses also helps Taurus to find the peace that they desire.

Venusian energy supplies the sense of harmony Taurus needs to be satisfied with what the fixed energy inspires, to appreciate what is familiar, time-tested, and stable. Combine all of these parts, the earth element, Venusian influence, and fixed modality and you get a more clear picture of Taurus, a sign that values simplicity and reliability in life. Persevering and down to earth, Taurus appreciates what they have in front of them and doesn’t feel that life needs to be made overly complex.

This may not seem like an “exciting” sign, but I am very fond of Taurus, the sign that finds gratitude for the simple things in life and peace in simply being.

Taurus Goals

If the goal of Taurus had to be narrowed down to just one thing, it would be to find inner silence. To find inner-serenity they couldn’t go looking in a stressful, ever-changing job and in a life full of turmoil. Nope. Taurus needs an environment of stillness and beauty in order to find peace.

Worrying about how they are going to pay the bills next week is also not going to help Taurus find the silence within. Taurus needs stability, both emotionally, but also with material possessions and money. Nothing can rattle a person more than scarcity and Taurus doesn’t want to find that out the hard way!

woman drinking coffee and working on her computer on her bed, illustrating taurus mode

Taurus Strengths

Every sign of the Zodiac inspires a specific set of goals and needs. Many astrologers also think that each sign gifts a set of tools that helps people in realizing these evolutionary goals. When you think of the characteristics of each sign, some of what you would describe would be these tools in action.

For Taurus, if the goal is to find inner silence, they would need some tools to assist them with that. One of these tools is a sense of contentment.

Some signs are rarely content and have an inner drive to forge new paths, take in new experiences, or work to constantly improve themselves or the world around them. Not Taurus. Taurus is happy with the way things are. They may be happy to tend to the people, things, and places around them, but is interested in maintaining what they have already. When things do change, as they inevitably will in life, Taurus may be slow to accept the “new,” and it could take some time, but once they have they will find contentment there as well…But just leave well enough alone, thank you very much.

Another strength Taurus brings to aid them in finding inner peace is seeking out a stable life. This is very beneficial, both for Taurus, and their family. Ensuring that their present and future are without worry is paramount for Taurus in maintaining a serene mind. This means reliability when it comes to work, a fantastic skill to have.

One more asset Taurus comes with is an easygoing nature. Taurus has a very “it is what it is” attitude and doesn’t get too worked up about much. This means that Taurus will more than likely be very easy to get along with. They will be a calming spirit in their household, in friendships, and in the workplace. Taurus is incredible in relationships, guided by Venus, and along with being laid back, can also be quite loyal and friendly. Venus also influences Taurus’ sensual side and they can be very affectionate with their loved ones, as well.

Although they have many strengths, the last I will mention here is their appreciation of the simple. They don’t really prefer complex thought. It certainly isn’t that they aren’t capable of it, quite the contrary. They have an air of simple sophistication, like a very wise person who is capable of conveying the most profound message with only a few words. Complex doesn’t necessarily mean smarter or better, it may just mean more to deal with, and that definitely doesn’t appeal to peace-seeking Taurus. Hungry? Eat. Sleepy? Sleep. Advice from a Taurus may not knock your socks off at first blush, but sometimes simple solutions are all that we needed all along. Taurus can provide that.

Taurus Challenges

Even good things, when taken too far, can become damaging, and the same holds true for Taurus as each strength, when played out with too much intensity, can become a challenge. Enter the shadow of Taurus.

Contentment can lead to an incredible amount of gratitude in your life, but when unbalanced it can lead to being stuck in a rut. Even though Taurus would love nothing more than things to stay just how they are, anything that grows has to change, including Taurus. Constantly resisting any kind of change means that Taurus would never evolve as a person. They may find themselves stuck trying to use the same habits in a world or environment that has changed. Old ways of being or doing things may not work or be effective forever, and demanding things continue to be done the way they always have may make Taurus appear to be stubborn. Even though Taurus doesn’t love to, to continue to evolve they need to find ways to push themselves out of their comfort zones from time to time. Baby steps!

Another pitfall for Taurus could be that in their quest for a stable, comfortable life, they hoard material possessions or money. This could make Taurus come off as materialistic and money-hungry. If a little material stability is good, a lot of stability is better, right? Not always. The goal of Taurus is inner peace and silence. This is hard to do in a house where there is too much stuff crammed everywhere. And unless you are stuffing it in your mattress, money doesn’t take up space in a home, but the lengths one has to go to in order to secure and earn the money may become too high of a price to pay, leaving Taurus frazzled and stressed out. A healthy Taurus spends plenty of time in nature where they can quiet their mind, experience beauty, and remember to have some faith in what the future holds.

Taurus Info

DatesApril 21 – May 20
SymbolThe bull
DetrimentMars and Pluto
ArchetypeThe serene connoisseur
GoalTo find inner-peace
LovesSerenity, nature, familiarity, routine, silence, the simple
DislikesUnnecessary risk, change, overcomplexity
StrengthsContentment, patience, easy-going nature, stable
ChallengesStagnancy, stubbornness, materialism