The Taurus Moon: A force for stability

Your Moon is one of the most important placements in your natal chart. Its placement helps to indicate your emotional climate, how you react, and what makes you happy, but also some hangups you may have. Having this important planet in Taurus will influence a large part of your personality. So what are some things you could expect with a Taurus Moon?

With a Taurus Moon, your emotional landscape may be very peaceful and stable. Taurus needs serenity and with your Moon in this sign, you may be a calming force for others. Being with others, using your senses, and being in nature may bring you joy. Dealing with change may be a struggle for you, however.

So what could you expect and what should you

a woman peering through the branches of an olive tree, a Taurus moon is earthy

Characteristics of a Taurus Moon


Taurus is a calming force in the Zodiac. This earth sign appreciates practicality and keeping things simple. A mantra for a Taurus Moon could be, “Why complicate things?”

It has a great appreciation for using its senses, the smell of mountain air, the smooth satin edging of a fluffy blanket, the way that the taste of coriander jumps out in its favorite dish, for Taurus, these simple pleasures make life rich.

This sign also relies heavily on its instincts. That “gut feeling” that people get may be ignored by some and explained away, but not for Taurus. Those kinds of senses help to guide Taurus through life.

Taurus is also a sign with a fixed modality, so it isn’t a sign that is going to push in new directions, but rather it appreciates keeping things rolling in the same direction. Familiarity and routines are welcomed in by Taurus. This is a sign that needs to feel stable and secure, and too much change can throw it off balance.

Venus is the planetary ruler of Taurus. It lends this sign a refined and polite nature. Relationships are very important to Taurus who loves to couple up. Taurus doesn’t much like to be on its own and prefers the company of others, including pets.

Above all else, Taurus is seeking peace and serenity. Simple pleasures and the company of a loved one in a its favorite, familiar place is the lifeblood of this sign.

Your Moon

a full moon on the horizon next to a tree

In astrology, your Moon is very important and one of the Big 3 in your chart. It is the realm of your emotions. How would you describe your default emotional state? What kinds of things bring you happiness and what triggers you? How do you express your feelings? These are all questions that can be answered by looking to your Moon.

Everyone has different emotional needs that need to be met. Some are aware of them, and others aren’t, but the answer to what those may be can be found with your Moon.

Your sense of belonging is also partly dictated by your Moon, as is your truest sense of yourself. Who do you really think you are, deep down inside? This is all the realm of your Moon, and you can see how these types of deep-seated needs, motivations, and beliefs can drive your emotional desires, triggers, and behaviors.

The Moon is your happiness, your comforts, and your sense of security, but it can also shine a light on your insecurities and deepest fears.

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Your Taurus Moon

The sign of Taurus influences the way in which the energy and functions of your Moon are expressed. Your emotions can’t flow without Taurus first painting them in its own unique style. But what might that look and feel like?

With a Taurus Moon, you may appreciate keeping emotions simple. You may have no time for drama or sitting around and pondering every feeling, trying to dig deeper. “It is what it is” may be how you react to feelings before quickly moving on.

Reading your own emotional landscape may be tied to your internal instincts. Those “gut feelings” may be something you take seriously. Maybe you aren’t sure why you just “have a feeling” about something, but that certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to it!

With a Taurus Moon, you may appreciate sharing your feelings with someone special in your life. Leaning on a significant other, a pet, or a beloved friend may help you to work through things that are bothering you.

Finding Joy With a Taurus Moon

three friends laying on the ground and holding hands, looking up to the sky, a taurus moon is soothed by being with others and in nature

One major function of your Moon is joy and happiness. What soothes your soul and brings you comfort? Your Moon can show you what kinds of activities you could lean into to find more bliss in your life?

With your Moon in the earth sign Taurus, immersing yourself in nature could be a way you could find comfort and peace. Walking amongst trees, going barefoot, smelling the ocean air, or being wrist-deep in rich soil while planting something are all activities that could soothe the soul of a Taurus Moon.

This Venus and earth-inspired sign relishes in comfort and luxury. Anything or any place that feels cozy will suit a Taurus Moon. And, if there are some luxe touches, that is a bonus. This is still a practical earth sign, however, so it may not take much. A satin pillowcase to rest your head, a spritz of high-quality perfume or a loaf of artisan bread to round out a simple meal may be all that it takes for your Taurus Moon to feel satisfied.

Spending time with your special someone in your favorite place could go a long way toward bringing joy to your Taurus Moon. So could partaking in a family tradition, or having your “usual Friday night” with your best friends. Familiarity & routines combined with your favorite people may bring you much happiness with your Moon in Taurus.

Also, Taurus wants inner peace and silence. This isn’t a sign that likes to pay attention to its own internal chatterbox, and it actually prefers it just quiets down altogether. Any activities that can help quiet the voices and thoughts in your own head are helpful with a Taurus Moon.

Some signs really need to think about and dig into their own internal dialogue and feelings and try to sort it out, but Taurus is not one of them. It needs to keep things simple. If sad, do something that makes you happy and let it go. If angry, get your mind off it by distracting yourself with something else. With a Taurus Moon, it really prefers keeping it simple when finding serenity.

Taurus Moon Triggers

a woman looking annoyed that the man she is sitting with on a park bench is smiling and looking at his phone, a taurus moon can be jealous

Your Moon is about joy, but the shadow side is your deep fears that trigger less enjoyable emotions and behaviors. So what types of feelings could provoke your Taurus Moon?

Because this is a sign that values relationships so much, feeling ignored or abandoned in some way could bring an emotional eruption with your Taurus Moon. Naturally, anyone who is actually abandoned would, and should, feel incredibly hurt by it, but as a strong trigger for Taurus, it could just be the perception of abandonment that sets it off.

Did you text your best friend 2 hours ago and they STILL haven’t responded? Even though this may not seem like a big deal whatsoever, with a Taurus Moon, on the right day this may feel as though your world is crashing down as your best friend no longer values you and this is the sign that they are pulling away, leaving you all alone. Of course, this is irrational, but that is the nature of emotional triggers!

For Taurus to be happy it must feel secure in its relationships. Your Taurus Moon may have you questioning any hint that someone you care about is about to leave you, doesn’t truly like your company, or is leaving you for someone else. This may not ring true on your good days, but these are the types of fears that can simmer under the surface and erupt in low moments in life.

Because familiar routines are so important with a Taurus Moon, anything that throws you off-kilter could be an emotional trigger as well. Feel unsettled or uneasy and not sure why? Ask yourself if there have been any changes in your life recently, big or small.

Or maybe there is a change on the horizon that you didn’t think was really bothering you, but has been nagging at your unconscious mind. Taurus loves security in life and knowing what is coming more than any other sign in the Zodiac, so changes that everyone else in your life may have taken in stride without a second thought could be a trigger for you. Such is life with a Taurus Moon.

Taurus Moon Strengths

a calm woman in a cozy sweater

Each sign has its own ways in which it helps its Moon shine in its own unique style, Taurus is no exception. So what kinds of strengths come along with having a Taurus Moon?

  1. Emotionally stable: Because Taurus is just looking for some peace and with your Moon in this sign may lead to your emotions being pretty steady. You may not be someone who flashes quickly to anger or even exuberance. One benefit of this is a fairly consistent, calm emotional state that both you, and the people around you, can count on.
  2. Considerate: With Taurus’ emphasis on relationships, you may be good at thinking about how your emotions and behavior may affect the people around you, making you good at reserving angry or petty words when upset.
  3. Instinctive: This is a sign that listens to the signals its body is sending. With your Moon in Taurus, your feelings and hunches may be conveyed through those kinds of signals. If you learn to pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you, this may be beneficial.
  4. Drama-free: Taurus’ distaste for unpleasantness combined with the importance placed on relationships may bring with it a drama-free quality when influencing your Moon. Just because Taurus is upset, it wouldn’t dream of making a spectacle, pulling others into its bad feelings with bad behavior. It’s not calming, nor is it civilized!
  5. Holder of traditions: With your Moon in Taurus, you may be the one in your family that keeps the traditions alive and healthy. Taurus loves routines, and with your Moon there, routines involving feelings and family may be incredibly important.

Taurus Moon Challenges

a man on his couch, bored

The Moon has a dark side and your Moon in Taurus also has its shadowy side that can bring its own particular struggles. But, every challenge can also be seen as a lesson, something that you can watch for and put thought and energy toward.

  1. Possessive: Threating the stability of one of Taurus’ relationships is an Achilles’ Heel for this sign. With your Moon in Taurus, you may get very strong feelings when you feel as though someone important to you is spending too much time with someone else or pulling away from you. This can come out as jealousy. Not a good look on Taurus.
  2. Stale: Because Taurus relies so heavily on its routines to keep a peaceful and steady mind, it has the potential to become stale and boring. With a Taurus Moon, you may find yourself resisting change and finding yourself stuck in ruts. Even if what is familiar brings you joy, it is still beneficial for yourself, and the people you spend time with, to try new things and challenge yourself from time to time.
  3. Excessive: This need for security that Taurus has can push this sign over the edge when it is out of balance. With this sign influencing your Moon, when you are stressed or uncertain you may find yourself worried that you will be “lacking” when it comes to money or possessions. This can lead to an obsession with earning, hanging on too tight to money, overspending, or hoarding.
  4. Avoids complexity: Taurus prefers simplicity, but as well all know, life isn’t always simple! With a Taurus Moon, it may be hard to deal with complex emotions, and you could find yourself ignoring feelings or situations that need to be dealt with because they are more complex than you are comfortable with.
  5. Rigid: A fixed sign, Taurus resists changing directions. With a Taurus Moon, this could come out as becoming very stubborn with your emotions. Once you feel a certain way about something, it may be very difficult for anyone to get you to reconsider, even if giving something a second thought is warranted. Taurus can dig its heels in and not waver. (I actually have a Taurus Moon and I am guilty of this one! 😉

Even with these challenges, with a Taurus Moon, you can be a great calming force for the people in your life and offer a steady rock for them when they need it the most.