Taurus Strengths: Positive traits of the Bull

Taurus is peace-seeking, content, and wise energy in the Zodiac. It has the ability to be a calming presence and truly be there for the people in its life. This sign holds its ground and can find stability in a sometimes chaotic world.

With important placements in Taurus, what positive traits may stand out in you? Read on to learn ways that Taurus may be a positive force in your life, and the lives of your friends and family!

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1. Patient

Because of its cardinal modality, Taurus is an incredibly patient sign. Taurus doesn’t see the need to get too worked up and in a hurry about most things and is willing to simply wait. This doesn’t sound like a very exciting trait, but it is incredibly useful in creating good relationships and when persevering to meet a goal at work. The best things come to those who wait, and Taurus excels at that!

2. Calm

One of my favorite astrologers and authors, Steven Forrest, says that Taurus in your birth chart shows you a place in your life where you need to calm down. Taurus has the ability to remain steady and not get worked up about the little things. With Taurus, there is little reason to worry about confrontations, frantic hurrying, or high intensity. This just isn’t Taurus’ style.

3. Stable

Taurus prefers everything to stay just like it is. Change and uncertainty are not things that Taurus appreciates. Because of this, Taurus is fantastic at keeping everything at an even keel, steady, and stable. This makes Taurus a great provider as it is very concerned with keeping a consistent income flowing in. It also means that you never have to wonder what Taurus will do next. You can rely on Taurus to behave consistently, which is a great characteristic to have when maintaining relationships.

4. Uncomplicated

This is a sign that doesn’t think that things need to be more complex than necessary. The more simple the answer or the solution to something, the better for Taurus. Sometimes people end up making things harder on themselves than they need to be, but Taurus sees wisdom in simplicity.

5. Loyal

Taurus sticks with things. It is also a sign that values relationships. Because of this, Taurus is an incredibly loyal sign that, once it has found “its people,” sees no reason to not stick with them through thick and thin.

6. Great at relationships

The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus, the planet of love. It inspires Taurus to place very high importance on the people in its life. Taurus will be concerned that their behavior and words are nurturing, kind, or complementary to others. The well-being and security of its loved ones are paramount for Taurus. This is a sign that makes a fantastic friend, partner, or spouse.

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7. Content

Once Taurus feels stable and secure, this is a sign that may be perfectly fine sticking with the way things are. This isn’t a restless sign that is always out searching for something better. As long as Taurus has peace and feels as though its needs are met, it is content to enjoy what it already has. In fact, it prefers things go unchanged if at all possible.

8. Practical

Taurus isn’t into abstract thinking or following trends. This sign appreciates the practical things in life. Because of its earth element, Taurus wants everything it makes, owns, does, or says to be for a purpose. If it doesn’t meet some kind of need in Taurus’ mind, it isn’t worth doing or buying. Fanciful ideas are not the domain of the bull who much prefers simple, down-to-earth concepts.

9. Strong Senses

Taurus loves to experience things with its senses. Touching silky fabrics, tasting a fantastic cup of coffee, the senses light up Taurus’ world more than they do for most. Listening to music is not only a sensual feast for Taurus, but it also allows it to clear its mind and feel more tranquil in the process. Finding the right perfume or candle scent may be of extra importance to Taurus. Sitting in soft grass watching the vivid colors of a sunset with the scent of pine in the air may feel like heaven to Taurus.

10. Affectionate

Because of its need for close relationships and its appreciation of the senses, Taurus can be a very affectionate sign. This is a sign that wants to show its love through hugs and kisses, holding hands, and back rubs. Assuming this is welcome by the people Taurus is showering with affection, one never has to wonder how Taurus feels about them as this is a sign that will show it physically and often.

11. Dependable

Taurus is not a flighty sign. When it says it is going to do something, it means it. This sign is very deliberate with its words and would never say something it didn’t mean. It also values relationships too much to put one in jeopardy by not being where it said it would be or not fulfilling an obligation it agreed to. Taurus is a rock that everyone in its life can count on to be there for them.

12. Loves Animals

Many signs love animals, but they can be especially important in the life of Taurus. Pets offer Taurus stable and uncomplicated relationships. Lounging on a warm couch with a pet at the end of the day can also be quite relaxing, something that Taurus values. Plus, Taurus may love to shower its animal friends with affection while also having the sensual experience of petting their fur. This dependable and stable sign is also well-equipped to take good care of pets long-term and not get bored with them or resent that they constantly need to be looked after.

13. Sees Beauty Everywhere

Venus lends Taurus the love of beautiful things. Taurus can find appreciation in the little things, finding beauty in even the most unexpected places. This adds to Taurus’ ease and contentment with life and also helps the sign to find tranquility and inner peace more easily as it sees so much beauty in the world to be inspired by.

14. Good Listener

Taurus doesn’t talk a mile a minute and it also doesn’t just say things without thinking it through. Taurus can come off as quiet, but that is because it wants to make sure, before it comes out of its mouth, that what it is about to say is helpful and kind. Taurus isn’t a talker. But, this sign is fantastic at listening. It doesn’t feel the need to speak, meaning it will be much more content with simply listening. Also, Taurus values its relationships and truly wants to hear someone out and be of help if at all possible. Taurus can be counted on to lend an ear when needed.

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