Taurus Weaknesses: Negative traits of the Bull

Taurus has some amazing qualities, but just like every zodiac sign, it also comes with its own unique set of challenges. For Taurus, some of these include becoming possessive, materialistic, and even downright stubborn.

Taurus is a patient, practical, and faithful presence in the Zodiac, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t without its flaws. If you have important Taurus placements in your astrological birth chart, what traits or weaknesses might you struggle with?

Keep reading to learn more about negative traits Taurus may face and also find some ways to work through or avoid those struggles and bring out the best in your Taurus.

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1. Stubborn

Taurus is a sign that digs its heels in. It is a fixed sign in the Zodiac and the fixed modality that inspires Taurus to stay the course and continue what has already been started. This isn’t a problem until Taurus becomes so inflexible that it must have its own way all of the time. Trying to persuade Taurus away from what it has decided can sometimes feel like an impossible job.

2. Self-Indulgent

The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus, the planet of love and comfort. Because of its Venusian influence, Taurus loves to feel pampered. Taurus may be a sign that, on a cold or rainy day, could convince itself to call in sick to work so it can stay in bed where it’s cozy. Self-care is important and this can be a strength for Taurus unless it is taken too far and it keeps it from reaching other goals in life.

3. Not a Go-Getter

Taurus can absolutely be a hard worker, but due to its love of comfort zones and fixed modality, it may not be too ambitious to go out and “take on the world.” This is a sign that can prove itself at work through its stable and steady nature, but it may not be comfortable in heavily competitive fields where one has to put themselves out there or take risks to get ahead.

4. Possessive

Taurus highly values relationships in its life due to its Venusian influence. Once Taurus has found “its people,” it has the ability to be loyal and stick with them for a lifetime. This only becomes a problem when Taurus feels threatened that it is losing touch with someone or if it is worried that a love interest may be losing interest. Taurus has the potential to become possessive and try to hang on too tightly, which ironically, can result in pushing those same people further away.

5. Hoards Money

Stability is incredibly important to Taurus, and one thing that can help a person feel secure is to have plenty of money. This can be the case for Taurus who can feel more at peace and stable when it has a healthy amount of money in its savings account. If Taurus struggles with feelings of insecurity, however, it could face a situation where it feels like no amount is ever enough. Taurus may become miserly and hoard money in the name of stability, hanging on to more than it really needs and unwilling to share the wealth.

6. Plays it Too Safe

Because of Taurus’ need for stability, it also may be unwilling to push itself out of its comfort zone and take risks. Too much risk-taking can also be a challenge, but for those unwilling to ever push its limits, this quality can really hinder personal growth. Taurus could miss out on some fun and exciting experiences, or miss opportunities to reach milestones or goals that it is capable of reaching if it just took the chance.

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7. Avoids Confrontation

In this lifetime, Taurus is searching for peace. Because of this, it naturally doesn’t care for confrontation or tense situations and may avoid them at all costs. As is the theme with most “weaknesses” in this article, they really can be strengths unless taken too far, and avoiding conflict definitely falls into that category as this can be a fantastic trait. However, there are times in life where confrontation is necessary to stand up for ourselves or for others. There may be uncomfortable discussions that need to happen at work or in our family. Taurus may struggle with this.

8. Materialistic

Venus loves luxury and it influences Taurus to do the same. There is nothing wrong with loving the finer things in life as long as one can afford them. Also, it can become a problem when one begins to identify their self-worth or the worth of others by the brands owned or how luxe their possessions are. These are the traps that Taurus has the potential to fall into.

9. Stuck in Routine

Nobody treasures the familiar more than Taurus. This is a sign that finds comfort in routines and things that are already well-known to them. It may be very difficult for Taurus to branch out or be spontaneous. Things like its favorite flavor of cereal or beloved mascara being discontinued could be extra frustrating for Taurus. Also, Taurus could find itself stagnant, stuck in the same pattern of behavior, and not growing as a person.

10. Rejects Innovation

Taurus prefers what has been proven to be tried and true. The mantra of Taurus could be, “if it isn’t broken, why fix it”! Taurus could resent and reject the use of innovative ideas or technology. Preferring the “old way of doing things,” Taurus may close itself off to new ideas that could actually improve its life.

11. Overly Practical

Abstract ideas aren’t necessarily Taurus’ cup of tea. The more practical and simple, the better, in Taurus’ mind. This can be a less-stressful way to live, for sure, but it could also keep Taurus always thinking in the box and never lettings its mind venture into unfamiliar territory. Some abstract ideas are useful and valid, but Taurus may not feel the need to entertain complex thought if it can help it.

12. Too Quiet

Taurus is a sign that feels as though if there isn’t something important to say, then there may not be any need to talk at all. Depending on the company, Taurus may get drowned out by the more outgoing and talkative personalities (I’m looking at you, Gemini), and may end up simply listening to everyone else.

13. Slow in Conversation

One other pitfall that may befall Taurus when speaking with others is the fact that Taurus prefers a slow pace in conversation. Taurus thinks before it speaks. It reflects on what will come out of its mouth before it actually is said to ensure that it is a wise thing to say. This is a fantastic trait but can become challenging if Taurus overthinks its words and decides to just keep its mouth shut to be safe. Others may get impatient with how quiet or slow Taurus seems in conversation, and Taurus may not get to share its thoughts or ideas, which may have been quite interesting or valuable.

14. Raging Temper

No one should be fooled by Taurus’ peaceful and calm demeanor. It is true that it takes a lot to make patient Taurus angry, but if someone actually succeeds, they should watch out! Taurus has the potential to become enraged. It is usually a tranquil and content bull lying in the grass in a pasture, but poke it one too many times and the bull will charge. This can happen quickly and catch others off guard.

Ways to Keep Taurus Balanced

Every sign has its potential weaknesses, and Taurus is no exception. But, Taurus has a lot of love and wisdom to offer to the people in its life and to the world. Finding a balance and learning to work through potential challenges can help bring out the best in Taurus. So what are some ways that Taurus can turn its weaknesses into strengths?

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Get Out of the Comfort Zone

Taurus may need to make a point of trying new things, or even better, making a friend that they know will help them push its limits! Something can be set up monthly in the planner, starting small with something like trying a new style of food or visiting a different part of town. It can grow from there into booking the flight, buying the concert tickets, making the appointment, whatever it may be for Taurus to feel a bit of excitement and healthy fear at the same time. Taurus needs to continually push itself out of its comfort zone in order to continue growing as a person.

Become Involved with a Charitable Organization

When money and material possessions are seen as a means for a feeling of peace and stability, it may be beneficial to not only give to charitable organizations but to become personally involved in them. Helping others through their struggles can help keep the need for stability through wealth in perspective. Taurus also excels at building relationships with others so spending time with people in need could be life-changing for everyone involved.

If Taurus has a lot of influence in your natal chart, hopefully, you were able to reflect on the challenges listed in this article and ask yourself if any of them resonated with you. Once you are able to recognize possible pitfalls, it is easier to find ways to counteract them and let your best Taurus shine through.

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