Triple Aries in Astrology: Ultimate Guide

Being a triple Aries means that your Big 3, your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, all sit in Aries. Three of the most important placements in your chart all fall in the sign of Aries, so much of your personality will be shaped by this sign’s motivations and traits, a desire to forge your own path with courage.

Keep reading to find out more details about triple Aries and how this bold sign could help to shape your life and relationships.


  • A triple Aries has their ego, emotions, and outward personality shaped by the sign.
  • Mars will be an important planet in the chart of a triple Aries.
  • These placements turn up the volume on both Aries’ strengths and weaknesses.
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What is triple Aries in astrology?

You open your natal chart only to see that not only is your Sun sitting in Aries, but so is your Moon and the cusp of your 1st House, also making you an Aries rising! You are a triple Aries. But what are some strengths and challenges that come along with having such strong Aries in your chart? What exactly does it mean to be a triple Aries?

Simply stated, a triple Aries in astrology is when an individual has an Aries Sun, and Aries Moon, and their Ascendant sits in Aries, making them an Aries rising. If you are an Aries rising, how may these different Aries components shape your life?

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Aries Sun

Your Sun represents your ego, what makes you feel alive in the world, and your purpose. It is the core of who you are and how you shine.

With your Sun in Aries, the foundation of who you are is set on courage and intensity. You may have the drive to stake your claim in the world, push yourself in whatever direction you want to go, and plant your flag.

An Aries Sun is assertive and adventurous, but can also be warm and optimistic. You may be a “what you see is what you get” kind of person, not afraid to show the world who you really are. And if you want something you aren’t shy about going after it.

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    Independence is the name of the game for Aries. With your Sun placed here, you may feel the most alive when you feel free to pursue whatever passions you want to chase or mountains you want to climb, figuratively or literally. And it may be important to you that you are able to jump into these endeavors with both feet and push yourself to your limits.

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    Aries Moon

    In astrology, your Moon symbolizes the emotional parts of your psyche. This is how you process and express emotions, what triggers you and how you react.

    With your Moon sitting in Aries, your emotions may come on fast and hot but then fade as quickly as they came. Aries is an intense and passionate sign and this may shine through in your emotions.

    This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are triggered easily, however, and may be able to withstand a lot of emotional stress before the floodgates burst.

    But, with an Aries Moon, your emotions may not be overly complex. You may not wrestle with how your feel or how you should react to your emotions. Your feelings may just come, you let them out, and you move on. With an Aries Moon, you may find no need to complicate things!

    Aries Ascendant

    Being triple Aries means that your rising sign is also Aries, your Ascendant lies in Aries. Your Ascendant describes the version of yourself that you walk around with every day. This is the side of yourself that you use to interact with the world.

    Some astrologers call this the “mask” you wear. Your Ascendant is how other people may describe you, or the general vibe you give off. It also describes how you generally perceive the world.

    With an Aries Ascendant, you may come off as independent, ambitious, and maybe even a bit impulsive. Others may think twice before competing with you for anything because they know that if it is something you want, you won’t give up.

    People also may see you as a leader, someone who has the courage and heart to go after something important to them, and who is resilient enough that they won’t back down easily.

    Being an Aries rising, you may see the world as a place where following your own path is usually best. You may also always feel like you have to have your guard up and be ready for anything, even if you haven’t really been given much of a reason to feel that way.

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    Strong fire element

    Aries is a fire element sign, and being a triple Aries, you have your fair share of fire!

    The fire element is marked by healthy doses of enthusiasm and confidence. This warm element brings passion and excitement. It is “bigger than life,” lively, and fun-loving.

    This spontaneous element influences great leaders who inspire others to follow with their optimism and bravery.

    Strong cardinal mode

    The modes in astrology describe the way in which people naturally take action or adapt. Aries is of the cardinal mode which is the energy that gets things started. With triple Aries, you may be quite the self-starter, indeed.

    Cardinal mode is not one that prefers to sit around and think about things too much. If there is something to be done it makes a decision and goes with it. This is a proactive and ambitious energy that is itching to get moving.

    three people jumping off of a cliff into the ocean, triple aries is courageous

    Importance of Mars in your chart

    The ruler of Aries is Mars so this planet will play an extra important role in your chart due to its strong influence on your Sun and Moon, as well as the fact that since you are an Aries rising, it also acts as your chart ruler.

    As a triple Aries, you will want to pay close attention to the sign of Mars in your chart as its position will help to shape and bring more dimension to your personality. Take note of any planets that may be in aspect with it, as well.

    Also, being such an important planet in your chart, the house that your Mars inhabits may play a vital role in your life as well. Wherever it sits could offer insights as to areas of your life that will play important parts in your personal growth.

    Triple Aries Strengths

    Being a triple Aries can bring with it plenty of fantastic qualities.

    Very Courageous

    Aries is known for its courage and fearlessness, especially when faced with challenging situations. As a triple Aries, this inherent bravery is amplified in your personality, equipping you with the strength to confront any obstacle that life may present. You possess an unwavering determination and a bold spirit that allows you to face adversity head-on, without flinching.

    Resilience and Grit

    Even though Aries is brave, it can still face challenges and setbacks. However, with so much Aries energy, you might find it easy to recover and keep going. Your ability to bounce back from tough situations shows your strong spirit. Plus, your determination as an Aries pushes you to grow and get better, making you a powerful force when it comes to achieving your goals.

    Warm Heart

    The fire element is incredibly strong in your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, which might give you the ability to lift people’s spirits when they need a boost. This warmth and enthusiasm can inspire those around you, making you a natural leader and a source of positive energy. Additionally, your fiery nature enables you to bring passion and motivation to any group or situation, creating a supportive atmosphere that encourages growth and success.

    Highly Independent

    I wouldn’t use the word “needy” to describe someone who is a triple Aries. You may be more than capable of standing on your own two feet and making decisions by yourself. As a triple Aries, your independence and self-reliance are strong traits that help you navigate life’s challenges with confidence. And, your ability to trust your instincts and take charge of your own path is an admirable quality that sets you apart from others.

    Ambitious and Pushes Ahead

    Cardinal energy and Mars provide Aries with a lot of motivation to move forward. You may set your sights high and be willing to put in the effort to achieve your goals. As a triple Aries, this drive can help you overcome obstacles and persevere through tough times.

    We have an entire article devoted just to Aries’ strengths. Being triple Aries, you are going to want to read this! Find it here.

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    Triple Aries Challenges

    Just because you are a triple Aries doesn’t mean that you automatically come with the struggles listed below. But, they are things to be watchful of.


    In order to be brave and jump into a battle, it may help not to think too much about it first. For triple Aries, impulsive behaviors, thinking before acting, may pop up from time to time.


    For Aries, protecting or going after what’s theirs means being ready for a fight. But, sometimes no fight is needed. With so much Aries energy, watch out for bringing aggression to a situation where none is actually needed.


    Aries is all about asserting its own needs and wants. There is nothing wrong with this until perspective is lost and the need and wants of others is ignored. With triple Aries, being a bit self-centered at times could be a pitfall to watch for.


    For someone to act with courage, they need to have a flash of confidence, and Aries comes equipped with plenty of it. Having an Aries Sun, Moon and rising sign could bring with it so much self-pride at times that it could turn into being egotistical.

    Jumping to Anger

    Aries can sometimes be quick to anger and have difficulty dealing with emotions like sadness. With this sign so highly concentrated, there is the possibility to react strongly to situations without considering how it makes other people feel or the consequences. Triple Aries may need to learn how to manage their emotions more effectively and channel their energy into constructive outlets.

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