Uranus as Chart Ruler: How You Free Yourself

In what way do you approach life? How would your friends describe you? You can look to the ruler of your natal chart for some of the answers to these questions. If Uranus is your chart ruler, in what ways could this planet help to shape how you view life and how others view you, in return?

If you’re an Aquarius rising, Uranus is your chart ruler. This planet questions and topples traditional or pre-existing systems and structures. Uranus’ position points to where you may need to free yourself from social expectations and conformity. As your chart ruler, it will help shape your identity.

For anyone, wherever Uranus is found in their natal chart is a place where they need to break free and take their own path, no matter what others may think of them.

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However, if Uranus is the ruler of your chart its influence may be even more significant in your life. Read on to find out in what ways Uranus as your chart ruler can help to shape the lens you look through to see the world and how others may see you as a result!

How you see the world

Because Uranus rules the sign of your Ascendant, your rising sign, it helps to add more detail and complexity to the way in which you perceive the world.

You see the world as a place to innovate

Uranus is the planet of new things. Tradition and old ways of thinking or doing things are no concern of this planet. Because Uranus is your chart ruler, this may help to shape your view of the world, which is out with the old and in with the new!

You may see life as a place thirsty for change. If something has always been done a certain way, it may be all the more reason to switch it up.

This could come out on a large scale, such as through work with social movements or with innovating technology, or it could be more subtle, challenging traditions or norms in your own community or home.

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You may see others as with you or against you

Uranus is a planet that drives change, regardless of the consequences. With this planet as your chart ruler, this could mean that you take your own path or defy tradition regardless of what others think of you.

Being a changemaker can be a tough gig. Revolutionaries, rebels, and instigators aren’t always viewed in the most glowing light by society. Uranus wants to usher in new and different and isn’t concerned about the costs paid for it.

With Aquarius rising and Uranus as your chart ruler, you may also not be concerned with the social costs you may pay for living the life you think is right, even if no one else agrees with you.

You could see the world as a place where you know you will need to fight for your right to live according to your own set of ideals. This could bring about a sense that others are either with you or against you.

With Uranus as your chart ruler, there is the possibility that your view of society is very polarized with people either being with you or against you. If you feel you may be rejected for your viewpoints, you could choose to reject the other person before they get the chance.

a person at a protest wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and holding a signs that reads "march against corruption," symbolizing the revolutionary effects of Uranus as a chart ruler

How others see you

The way in which we see the world is closely related to the way the world sees us. Overall, what we get from life and others is a consequence of how we view other people and our circumstances. Your Ascendant affects this dynamic and your chart ruler, then, influences it as well.

Your chart ruler helps to shape your Ascendant, which many astrologers refer to as “the mask you wear.” It is the persona that you walk around with in the world and the way in which others see you.

Others see you as a rebel

With Uranus as your chart ruler, breaking up old systems is part of your journey in life. Things must be changed in order to grow and improve and Uranus is the force behind it.

Those that know you may think of you as a bit rebellious, not willing to accept the status quo like everybody else. They may know that you are someone who lives up to your own set of ideals, even if it means getting into trouble to do so.

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You may be described as challenging

Not everyone appreciates those that rock the boat. Unfortunately, with Aquarius as your rising sign and Uranus as your chart ruler, some people may see you as a bit of a challenge, and one they don’t appreciate.

This doesn’t mean that the title is deserved, of course. You may simply question things, and they may very well be well reasoned and even brilliant questions. Uranus’ influence can bring sudden insights and genius ideas. It’s just that some people like the safe boxes they are in and prefer that you just go along with it all as to not change anything.

With Uranus acting as the ruler of your chart, it could be that you have encountered people that don’t appreciate the topics you bring up or what you are asking. But, there is also a chance that it doesn’t really bother you.

Some may find you refreshing

Not everyone hates change, innovation, and new ways of seeing things. The winds of change that Uranus has influenced you with may be seen as refreshing by some.

There may be people that know you who find you to be invigorating, making them see truths or ideas that would have never crossed their minds otherwise. You may be seen as a leader with great ideas and just the person needed to “mix things up a bit.”

Once these people have found you and banded with you, they may know that you will be loyal to them and have their back, giving them all the more reason to follow you as you break down walls and shatter glass ceilings.

Uranus as Chart Ruler Through the Signs

a woman in an office using virtual reality to design shoes

Because of its distance from the Sun, Uranus’ orbit is not among the fastest. It takes approximately 84 years for it to complete one loop. Some astrologers refer to Uranus as a “generational planet” because it will inhabit the same sign for 7-8 years before moving to the next, meaning that for 7-8 years, every baby born shares the same sign of Uranus.

The signs of the Zodiac each offer their own unique set of motivations, tools, and drives. The functions of each of the planets are carried out using the desires and traits of the sign they sit in.

When it comes to your chart ruler, this means that the sign that your chart ruler sits in will aid in adding more detail to the way in which others perceive you and how you perceive life. Below is a brief snapshot of a few possible ways each sign could influence the way in which you express your chart ruling Uranus.

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a woman holding a sign that reads "life is too short to spend it at war with yourself," representing the truth loving nature of uranus as chart ruler

Uranus as Chart Ruler in Aries

Those born with a chart ruling Uranus situated in Aries may have a bit of added passion and optimism in how they see the world and how others see them. Aries may inspire a greater sense of drive and ambition, pushing ahead with new and brilliant ideas. This Aquarius rising may be extra courageous when it comes to standing their ground and living according to their own personal ideals. With this placement, one should guard against being overly aggressive or overly impulsive.

Uranus as Chart Ruler in Taurus

With a chart ruling Uranus sitting in Taurus, this sign may make for a bit more peaceful and serene Aquarius rising. Taurus has great instincts and this may shine through as “following one’s gut” when it comes to living the way they think is right. This placement may also make for someone who seems to be unyielding with their new ideas. Once they have their mind set on something, there may be no changing it. Routines are Taurus‘ favorite, so watch for internal struggles between the familiar and the changes that Uranus is pushing for.

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Uranus as Chart Ruler in Gemini

Uranus acting as chart ruler placed in Gemini could shape an Aquarius rising that everyone knows is always up for a conversation. Gathering information from talking to others or from studying up can help fuel new ideas. With Uranus in Gemini, here is also a possibility that this person is quite vocal when it comes to speaking their mind about their ideals and may even always be up for a debate with the ability to stick to the facts and not stir feelings or judgment into the mix. However, this placement is very heavy on the head, not on the heart, and they may struggle with connecting with their feelings or the feelings of others.

Uranus as Chart Ruler in Cancer

An Aquarius rising who finds their chart ruling Uranus in watery Cancer may take on a more nurturing role. This could shine through within a friend group or with any organization they align themselves with. They may not prefer to go alone when it comes to walking the path toward new ideas or different ways of living. There could be something unconventional about how they interact with their family, who they choose for their family or their home life. Tension could exist between Cancer’s need for family and Uranus’ drive for individuality at all costs.

Uranus as Chart Ruler in Leo

Those born with Uranus ruling their chart from Leo may have extra flair when sharing their unique ideas. They may be capable of making themselves quite vulnerable through baring their souls, who they truly are on the inside, through outward expression for others to see. With Leo shaping chart ruling Uranus, this individual may have a need to not just have new and different ideas, but to have others to show them to. However, they may be just as happy when it is their turn to be wowed by someone else’s brilliance, as well. They may need to guard against becoming hurt when others aren’t paying attention to their grand displays of individuality as much as they think they should.

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Uranus as Chart Ruler in Virgo

With a chart ruling Uranus situated in Virgo, this individual may seem to take what they do very seriously and work quite hard at it, even if what they do seems unconventional to others. This could be an unusual craft, trade, mission, or volunteer work, something that they dedicate their time and energy to consistently. They may be on the lookout for a teacher or mentor to learn from, but this person may not seem like a “traditional” teacher. An Aquarius rising with their chart ruler in Virgo should ensure that they aren’t waiting for whatever they are working on to be completely perfect before sharing it with the world.

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Uranus as Chart Ruler in Libra

Uranus acting as chart ruler in Libra may bring the Aquarian rising an aesthetic or artistic expression that is very much outside of the box. Even though they may still hold fast to their own ideals, with Uranus in Libra, this may inspire the individual to be a bit more willing to be accepting of others who have ideals that are different from their own. They could also be drawn to what would be considered “unconventional” relationships in their culture, community, or family.

Uranus as Chart Ruler in Scorpio

Chart ruling Uranus placed in Scorpio may influence an Aquarius rising to outwardly and vocally be who they feel they truly are. The types of new ideas or new ways of living that they may be drawn to could be even further from the current social norms, and be quite provocative or taboo. With the chart ruling and changemaking Uranus in transformative Scorpio, the drive to spark change in others could be very strong. They may find themselves pulled toward intense situations where they help others let go of secrets or baggage they had been carrying.

Uranus as Chart Ruler in Sagittarius

An Aquarius rising who finds their chart ruling Uranus in Sagittarius may be seen as someone who is drawn to cultures or spiritual practices that no one else in their family or society shares. Their philosophy of life may be something entirely their own, not something that they were taught. What others around them may view as unconventional spiritual journeys, either in their heart and soul, or literally through traveling to cultures much different than their own, may crop up repeatedly in their life. With their chart ruling Uranus in Sagittarius, their need for personal freedom may be intensified.

Uranus as Chart Ruler in Capricorn

Those with Uranus ruling their chart from earthy Capricorn may appear to take their eccentricities or innovative ideas more seriously. They may have a more mature view of living out their ideals and devote time and effort to them consistently. With chart ruling Uranus in Capricorn, others may see them as a bit of a loner as they aren’t bothered if others don’t appreciate their personal set of ideals and ideas, but they must feel free to live them out in order to have a sense of self-respect.

Uranus as Chart Ruler in Aquarius

Chart ruling Uranus at home in its sign, Aquarius, gives this planet an easier expression of its function. Those with this placement may be seen as quite eccentric or incredibly idealistic. This is a person that may question everything, preferring to make up their own minds and determining their own set of ideals. They may seem to have brilliant ideas that have the potential to blow others away, unless those they share them with aren’t “ready” for them yet. An Aquarius rising with their chart ruler also in Aquarius may have an intense desire to live how they see fit, resisting anything that seems like a norm or tradition. They may also champion the personal freedom or equality for others, as well.

Uranus as Chart Ruler in Pisces

With chart ruling Uranus inhabiting Pisces, the Aquarian rising‘s desire for individuality may be tempered slightly, or their sense of who they are and what they stand for may still be quite important in their life, but may shift and change. With this placement, they may be seen as someone who has ideas that seem both brilliant and inspired. Their spiritual practices may seem unconventional to others. Pisces may shape Uranus in a way that motivates the individual to work toward uplifting others in society, expressing compassion to an extent that others may not understand.

Keep in mind that all of the descriptions above are simply one way in which Uranus as a chart ruler could be experienced through each sign. Reading a chart as a whole, rather than pulling out one piece to examine, will always bring much more insight and detail.

However, this should begin to give you an idea of how this planet could be expressed and how Uranus as a chart ruler could influence how you see life and how others view you in return.

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