The Venus Personality: Drawn to love and beauty

Sticking your neck out there to form friendships and romantic partnerships can feel terrifying. This is true when they are first forming, but also, maintaining relationships can sometimes be hard work emotionally. Yet, you wouldn’t dream of not having “your people” in your life and you continue to love them regardless of your differences and the challenges they may bring. This is Venus in action. So what is a “Venus personality” and what kind of person does that describe?

A strong Venus personality describes someone who is able to create harmony within themselves and in the world around them. Excellent in relationships, they are warm, considerate, and have great skill in finding common ground between themselves and others. They appreciate beauty in all of its forms.

Venus is a fun planet to learn about in astrology because it is all about love and feeling good. Read on to find out more about what a Venus personality may look like, and if Venus’ placement, Libra, or Taurus play a large role in your life, how it could affect you!

A Strong Venus Personality

two women hugging on a beach to symbolize the venus personality

A person with a strong Venus personality will come off as a serene person that has the ability to put everyone around them at ease. They may be the person in a friend group that keeps the circle together, the one who keeps in touch with everyone, has a great way of influencing the conversation to stay light and free from emotionally charged topics, and who makes everyone feel special and as though they belong.

They have a fantastic ability to be able to see the differences between themselves and others and to honor them. Debating their disagreements or focusing on their opposing outlooks is not what someone with a Venus personality would be interested in. Instead, their conversation would be directed toward finding out what they have in common and celebrating it.

A person with strong Venusian energy has a marvelous way of admiring people for who they truly are, not who they wish them to be. “Make love, not war” would be the perfect mantra for the Venus personality.

Sensuality is also another distinct trait of someone with a strong Venus influence. I’m not talking about sensuality in terms of romantic relationships, although that is part of it. I’m talking about a great appreciation of the senses.

Sure, everyone likes food and music. But, a Venus personality won’t just like food and music, they have the ability to be enraptured by it. The color, the texture, the contrast. What comes in through the senses doesn’t just light up their nervous system, it lights up their soul.

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Know someone who considers food an art form in itself? Doesn’t just listen to music, but feels the music? Who would never just say “that’s pretty” about a work of art, but instead would describe how the qualities of the lines in a drawing speak to them? This is the work of their incredible, heightened senses at play.

Someone with a strong Venus personality will have a need to draw near to them whatever it is that they deem beautiful. They don’t just enjoy it, their soul needs it. They require a feeling of harmony on the inside and to achieve that, they also need to feel/see/hear/taste harmony on the outside, as well.

Venusian Traits and Desires

  • serene
  • appreciates art and aesthetics
  • relationship focused
  • peace loving
  • sensual
  • pleasure seeking
  • inspired
  • elegant
  • charming
  • enjoys luxury

Strengths for Strong Venus Energy

a smiling man sitting in front of a concrete block wall, symbolizing a venus personality


A person with a strong Venus personality is fantastic at being in relationships. Co-workers, friends, life partners, they excel at all of them. This is partly because of their need to keep the peace. They will do what they need to do to keep everyone around them at ease, keep disagreements at bay, and the conversation pleasant.

Those with strong Venusian energy are also great to spend time with because respecting everyone is important to them. They are able more than most to honor the differences they have with others, not focus on them as something “wrong” with the other person. They are also genuinely warm and empathetic and it is apparent to everyone they encounter.


Being able to remain calm is another positive trait that you would find in a Venus personality. They have a need for inner harmony and more than likely the tools to be able to find it. This can become a calming influence on those around them, as well.

Tense meeting? The person in the room who is still relaxed, speaking in their normal, serene tone of voice, and who somehow manages to help the group come together and agree on common ground with ease is letting their Venus shine.


Another strength found in those with a Venus personality is creativity. This looks different for everyone, however, and not every person with robust Venusian energy will be an artist by trade. However, look around their home and you may find it in how they have designed their space. They may love to try new recipes and flavor combinations. Or, maybe the way they put an outfit together is unique.

They love to take what is inside and express it on the outside. Combine that with their skill of being able to merge together seemingly unrelated ideas into a whole and that is creativity in action.

Challenges for a Strong Venus Personality

Just like every type of energy, there is always a shadow, characteristics that turn up when the energy isn’t balanced. Even with its loving nature, Venus is no exception.


The need for beauty could morph into something that looks more like vanity. Someone with a Venus personality could find themselves more interested in how others see them on the outside and not much concerned about letting their inner light shine. This could come off to others as shallowness.


Another pitfall that could arise for an unbalanced Venus personality is feeling like you never have enough. This could come out as materialism, a desire for the best which never is quite satisfied.

The appreciation for the senses that comes with Venusian energy can tempt people to buy the luxury sheets that feel fantastic, but that are out of their price range, take out a loan for the car with the top-of-the-line leather seats that smell so good, but that they can’t afford, or feather their nest with the designer furniture that looks like it should be in a magazine while at the same time they can barely pay the rent.

The Venusian loves the finer things, which gives life enjoyment, for sure. But just like anything, when taken too far, it can bring its own set of problems.


Because of the focus that a Venus personality has on relationships, it may sometimes be difficult for them to spend time alone. They are wired to form bonds. Obviously, this is best when balanced with the ability to stand on your own feet and feel complete even when alone, but this can be a struggle.

Venus Personality in the Workplace

A woman and man at work behind their computers and laughing together

The Venus personality can shine in the workplace when it comes to their ability to relate to such a wide variety of people and their charming nature. This can prove to be an invaluable skill in any job.

Talk with any boss and they will tell you that there are skills needed for the job that they can teach, and some skills that a person has to come with that can’t be taught. Dealing well with others is one of them and someone with a lot of Venusian energy will be a pro at it.

Keeping a meeting light and free of tension will keep a team together and moving in the same direction, putting coworkers at ease enough to help them feel comfortable sharing great ideas that they may have kept inside otherwise, and charming and gaining the respect of possible clients enough to earn their business are all assets that any company would be lucky to have and a strong Venus personality could bring it.

Their diplomatic nature could also be very useful in positions where two parties that disagree must come together and find a resolution. This isn’t a skill that everyone has, but someone with a lot of Venusian energy just might.

Venus Personality in Relationships

a couple on a mountain standing very close together and smiling at one another, symbolizing a venus personality in love

Peace, harmony, and respect are paramount for the Venusian and this will definitely show through in their relationships. In fact, forming bonds is one of their biggest strengths.

Venus loves love. This is true in romantic relationships, of course, but it also extends to friends, children, pets, and even acquaintances. Those with strong Venusian energy have a great ability to love unconditionally and appreciate each person for who they truly are.

Friendly and supportive, someone with a Venus personality will enrich the lives of anyone lucky enough to call them a friend or partner. Some personalities love banter and debate, they need that fire. This is not the case for someone with strong Venus energy. They would prefer harmonious discussion and keeping the peace.

Needs for a Strong Venus Personality

Because the Venus personality type is so fantastic at forming bonds with others, they need others to form bonds with! They don’t much like spending time alone as some other personality types do and would rather have other people around most of the time.

They also have a need to be surrounded by things that they appreciate as beautiful. This doesn’t have to be visual beauty. It could also mean music, literature, or any other art form. Their surroundings need to reflect the peace, harmony, and beauty that they possess internally.

Someone with a Venus personality also doesn’t mind a little flattery here and there. Even if they aren’t vain, beauty, in whatever form they value, is important to them and a little admiration from others doesn’t hurt!

Best Sign Placements for Venus

Taurus, Libra, and Pisces are considered good placements for Venus in a natal chart. Venus rules Libra and Taurus and their needs and motivations are similar. Its placement there may bring little tension and smooth sailing. In Pisces, Venus is exalted meaning that the two complement each other well.

If your Venus resides in Libra or Taurus you may think that you have it made! Just remember that sometimes the areas of our life that we find the easiest are also the parts of life where we may not grow as much. Smooth sailing can bring great things, for sure! Just make sure that you aren’t enjoying going with the flow in your relationships so much that you never challenge yourself and grow in that area.

Challenging Sign Placements for Venus

Aries, Scorpio, and Virgo can be two challenging placements for Venus. Venus is in detriment in Aries and Scorpio as their needs and motivations are so opposite that it could cause tension. The accepting nature of Venus may clash with the critical nature of Virgo, where Venus is in fall.

But don’t worry if you find your Venus in Virgo, Aries, or Scorpio. Challenging placement absolutely doesn’t mean impossible placements. Tension encourages growth! While this could feel frustrating at times, there is a lot of potential for evolution of the soul with those placements.

Venus Astrology Information

Venus archetypeThe muse, lover, or artist
NeedsHarmony and beauty
DignityTaurus and Libra
DetrimentAries and Scorpio