The Mode of Virgo: Ambitious to change for the better

Virgo is one of the earth signs of the Zodiac, but so are Taurus and Capricorn. So why are they so different and what makes Virgo unique from the others? For a portion of that answer, we look to the modalities or Virgo’s mode.

The mode of Virgo is mutable. Mutable modality is that of change and evolution. This energy influences Virgo to work constantly to perfect themselves. Skilled and efficient, the mutable mode inspires Virgo to analyze what could be perfected, and then put their maximum effort toward improving it.

Read on to learn how the mutable mode affects the sign of Virgo and what this modality may mean for you!

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How the Mutable Mode Comes Out in Virgo

The mutable mode symbolizes the ending of a season when transformation is coming whether you like it or not. For Virgo, this is the end of summer ushering in fall. Change is inevitable in life. The mutable mode acknowledges that and may even welcome it. There is no fighting against it. If the season must change then they will have to adjust accordingly.

Summer is all about fun and there is usually a carefree feeling in the air, but it can’t last forever. Fall is a time to start taking stock of what you have ready because the next step is harsh winter. Is everything ready for what is coming? Are there plans to relocate, repairs to be made, or things that need to be squared away before the weather turns? This sense of taking stock of your current state, pinpointing its weaknesses, and changing them for the better looks a lot like the mutable mode in action in Virgo.

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Besides Virgo, 3 other signs have the mutable modality, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces. But, Virgo is the only earth element sign among these. So even though they share the mutable mode, this energy of transformation plays out differently in each of the signs.

Virgo and the Earth Element

Earth is the element of Virgo and to experience an earth sign is to experience an energy of resourcefulness and practicality. They may have just as brilliant of minds as any other sign, but earth signs are not ones to often find themselves sitting and lost in their complex thoughts or daydreams. Earth signs are more interested in creating, working, building, shaping their ideas into reality. To succeed, they must be willing to focus and work hard.

Fanciful ideas are far less valuable to an earth sign than the functional. Mix this earth energy with the mutable modality that embraces change and you have yourself a pretty good snapshot of the meticulous, reliable, and discerning Virgo.

This mixture of mutable and earth energy influences Virgo to be deeply committed to a constant evolution of themselves. This is an energy of resourcefulness and metamorphosis. Virgo’s natural state is that of diligent perfecting.

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Virgo and Mercury

The ruler of Virgo is Mercury, the planet of analytical thinking. Mercury adds an emphasis on observation and logic to this combination of adaptability from the mutable modality and the resourcefulness and ability to concentrate from the earth element. All of this working together helps to make Virgo a hard worker who is incredibly intelligent, reliable, and competent.

As an earth element with a mutable modality, Virgo needs to be working and evolving. Mercury adds to this for Virgo through a desire for knowledge. Virgo is fantastic at choosing a skill and then working tirelessly to learn as much about it as possible so that they can put that knowledge into practice. Their skillset is always changing for the better.

Virgo Goals

If the goal of Virgo had to be reduced down to just one thing, it would be to realize perfection within themselves. This is a pretty difficult task, but the changeable mutable energy helps to keep Virgo from feeling settled with its current state. It is this quest for perfection that Virgo is after.

Improving themselves is a process that lasts a lifetime, this is the mutable mode playing out in Virgo’s evolutionary aim. The earth element adds to this goal with its steady and determined energy. And Mercury, with its emphasis on analysis, furthers this goal for Virgo to be on this constant journey of perfection by adding the ability to differentiate, in a logical way, between what is and what could be.

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Virgo Strengths

Astrologers can have very different views on the details of astrology, but many believe that each sign of the Zodiac offers a set of tools to help those with that sign to achieve their evolutionary goals. Choose one sign and bring to mind its characteristics. Some of what you are imagining are those tools in action.

For Virgo, if the goal is to bring about perfection in themselves, they would need some tools to assist them with that. One of these tools is emotional detachment when necessary.

This may actually sound like a bad trait, but for Virgo, it is incredibly helpful. The goal for Virgo is to locate something in themselves that needs fixed and work to fix it. For a non-Virgo, this process may sound incredibly harsh, but imagine seeing this imperfection in a way where you don’t attach feelings to it or judge yourself harshly for it. It is what it is, just fix it. That is the kind of detachment I am talking about.

How much energy would be lost if Virgo had to constantly feel shame or a sense of inadequacy for each flaw they found? Too much. Virgo is able to keep feelings out of it and, as long as they are putting in the effort to improve, find self-confidence in that.

Another strength Virgo brings to aid them is the desire to be helpful, especially in the area they are trying to perfect. This allows them to test and practice their skills in a real-world setting. Virgo makes a great friend who has a warm personality and who is willing to show their fondness for you through acts of service.

One huge asset Virgo has is its ability to see potential where others may not. This is part of the analytical and critical nature, and Virgo uses that to see great possibilities in themselves, everything, and everyone. Why settle for average when you have the potential for something greater? Virgo uses this skill on themselves to continuously pinpoint areas they feel they could do better in, but they could also use this ability for others. Having a Virgo as your cheerleader in life would be to have someone that always sees the best inside of you, even when you can’t.

Virgo Challenges

On even the brightest summer day, the Earth has a dark side, and this also holds true for Virgo as each strength, when played out too far, can become a challenge. Enter the shadow of Virgo.

The drive that Virgo has to perfect itself can come at a price if not careful. Perfection can quickly turn to obsession and self-destructive behavior. Virgo needs to be very careful to find balance and learn to love themselves, even as they are striving to improve. Otherwise, they run the risk of practicing unhealthy behaviors that destroy what they are trying to refine.

That same strong drive for improvement can also become problematic for Virgo if they allow their work ethic to grow out of control. Virgo has the potential to be incredibly skilled at their job or craft because they work very hard, have a great desire to learn from others who have achieved a high degree of success, and because they don’t settle for good enough. This recipe that has the potential to lift Virgo to a fantastic level of skill also has the potential to run them into the ground. An unbalanced Virgo could work their life away and not leave time for the other pleasures of life. Virgo needs to set aside ample time to pull themselves back from their work and spend some time with nature.

Another pitfall for Virgo could come when they turn their perfecting eye outward toward others. This could be a great gift for someone but not if they haven’t asked for it.

Virgo offering advice on how someone could improve when it wasn’t asked for could be seen as criticism, turning off the very person they are trying to help. No one likes to feel judged. Virgo may not think any less of this person for their flaw and is simply trying to bring out their best, but it could hurt the person’s feelings nonetheless. If they would have asked, that is fair game! Unsolicited criticism? No thank you.

One other possible challenge for Virgo is to find balance with its detail-oriented nature. This attention to every little part of something is a fantastic tool that Virgo can use to perfect something to a high degree, but it can be easy to find yourself stuck in them. Virgo’s challenge is to pinpoint and improve even the finest details while still being able to pull back and see the big picture once in a while. Improving something bit by bit can turn into a lifetime of nitpicking on one part of themselves and not seeing much overall personal growth.

Virgo Info

DatesAugust 23 – September 22
SymbolThe virgin
ArchetypeThe craftsperson
GoalTo continuously perfect itself
LovesOrder, maturity, helping, details, learning
DislikesChaos, spontaneity, drama, laziness
StrengthsHard-working, analytical, able to see potential, reliable
ChallengesCompulsive, workaholism, overly critical, caught in details