Virgo Weaknesses: Negative traits of the Servant

Virgo is a helpful and detail-oriented sign of the Zodiac, which is why it is often associated with the Servant archetype. But, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its challenges. If there are important Virgo placements in your astrological birth chart, what negative traits should you be on the lookout for?

Keep reading to learn more about what struggles Virgo may face and ways to improve those weaknesses to let your Virgo shine brighter.

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1. Workaholic

Virgo can’t help but push itself to get things done. This is a sign that is fine to spend a great deal of its time working rather than playing. Having a great work ethic can help to make Virgo quite successful, but when taken too far it could lead to burnout. Also, Virgo has the potential to neglect other areas of its life, meaning that Virgo’s personal life and health can suffer as a result.

2. Too rigid

This is a sign that has a vision of where it wants to go and it can be very hard to get Virgo to change paths once it has made up its mind. Virgo can be very driven to succeed and may struggle to change its course of action. This only becomes a problem when Virgo ignores good opportunities because they don’t fit into its plan, or when the path it is on isn’t the right one, but Virgo continues to push itself in that direction anyway.

3. Stuck in the details

An observant eye is something that is a great strength of Virgo’s. The details are very important to the sign. However, Virgo may have the potential to be so concerned with the fine points that it fails to step back and look at the big picture. Virgo can turn its wheels, working very hard on the little things, but get stuck in the details and not really go anywhere.

4. Overly critical of others

Virgo gets a bad rap for being nit-picky, but the reason for this is actually quite endearing. This sign has the ability to see the great potential in everything, including in others. This sign is simply very logical and unemotional about it all, which is sometimes where the problems arise for Virgo. It may see an incredible talent inside of someone, and if only that person would take a little more initiative and put forth a bit more effort, they could be great. However, saying this to a person without taking their feelings into consideration may not have a good outcome for Virgo and this sign may struggle with coming off as harsh and critical.

5. Compulsive about health

Personal health is important to Virgo. It may turn its own critical eye toward itself in matters of health and push itself to be even more in shape and fitter to the point where it interferes with the rest of its life. Trying to protect one’s health is very important, but even this beneficial trait can turn into a weakness if it is taken to compulsion, actually harming one’s health in the process.

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6. Can’t cut loose

Being an earth sign, Virgo prefers to behave in a mature manner. This serious nature helps Virgo to focus and achieve what it has set its mind to do. However, it may miss out on great life experiences if it never allows itself to be spontaneous and take part in activities for no other reason than a good time. It can be hard for Virgo to throw caution to the wind, but sometimes those moments make the best memories.

7. Self-critical

There is usually no one that Virgo turns its critical eye toward more than itself. Virgo has assessed its weaknesses and shortcomings. This sign has a strong desire to seek perfection, especially within itself. Seeking excellence offers Virgo a huge potential for self-growth, but it can be hard to turn off and can result in Virgo being overly self-critical and turn into pushing itself too hard and also a feeling of self-loathing.

overworked woman stressed out at her desk, illustrating virgo weaknesses

8. Never satisfied

Because it is in the pursuit of perfection, Virgo must have the ability to see the flaws in things so it can improve them. This comes with the territory. But, this can also mean that Virgo struggles to be satisfied with anything it ever does or has because nothing can ever truly be perfect. Virgo may be preoccupied with the tiny scratch on the otherwise spotless car or be fixated with the little stain on the napkin in the restaurant that also offered the best burger it ever had.

9. Won’t to try new things

Virgo likes to be good at what it does. This may lead to this sign having a hard time trying new things as the risk of failure is high. It can also be a very cautious sign, wary to dip its toe into new experiences. But, by limiting the things it is willing to try, Virgo could also stunt its personal growth.

10. Too self-sacrificing

Being of service to others is something that Virgo is great at. Its archetype is The Servant, after all. Virgo can be incredibly helpful to others, and being an earth sign is very reliable. If Virgo says it will be there, it will be there. This is a fantastic trait, as long as Virgo isn’t always the only one giving or helping. Virgo struggles to ask for help anyway, so matched up with someone who is a “taker” Virgo can find itself giving away more energy than it has while not seeing much coming back in return.

11. Worries

Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of intellect. Mercury offers Virgo an incredibly sharp, quick, and able mind. However, Mercury brings with it the potential to overthink and worry. Virgo may struggle to turn its mind off when it needs to, like when it is trying to relax or sleep. The sign can ruminate on problems or concerns to the point that it becomes a nervous wreck.

12. Needs acceptance of others

This sign is very capable and can be quite accomplished, but no matter what accolades Virgo has earned, it may still look for validation from others. Virgo may not be looking for a ticker-tape parade or any kind of public recognition. What it may crave is simply for others to recognize how hard Virgo works and how skilled it has become as a result. Even though Virgo isn’t asking for much, anytime one’s sense of self-worth is put in the hands of others, problems can arise.

13. Struggles with imagination

Mercury lends Virgo an analytical and logical mind. Virgo is heavy on the facts, but maybe not so strong in the imagination department. It can be fantastic with problem-solving and be creative in that way, but fantasy and abstract ideas may not be Virgo’s cup of tea.

14. Always busy

Virgo has a lot to accomplish! This sign may be one that never sits still, never has time to take a break, and is perpetually busy. In Virgo’s mind, there are always things that need to be done. However, being busy doesn’t necessarily lead to greater productivity, especially when a person is pushing themselves through on little sleep or downtime or when they are only focusing on the details and never the big picture. Virgo may find itself busy just for the sake of being busy.

15. Planning with no action

Along those same lines, Virgo loves a great plan and is fantastic at organizing. However, this sign has the potential to get so focused on creating the perfect plan that it never gets around to the taking action part. A plan gets you nowhere if you never actually implement it and Virgo can find itself stuck in this trap.

Ways to Keep Virgo Balanced

There isn’t any sign in the Zodiac that doesn’t have the potential to use its strengths and tools in an unbalanced way, turning them into challenges. Virgo is no exception. However, Virgo has a lot of amazing qualities and gifts to offer to the people in its life and the world, especially if it learns to find this balance. So how can Virgo steer clear of some of these downfalls and turn its weaknesses into virtues?

Plan in time to relax

Because Virgo loves to plan, scheduling time where work is put down and where fun and relaxation can happen is something that may help Virgo get the downtime it needs. This may be especially effective for Virgo if plans are made with someone else. Virgo wouldn’t dream of letting someone down or not doing what it said it would do, so planning to have fun or relax with someone may work in Virgo’s favor!

Keep a gratitude journal

If Virgo finds itself being overly critical, keeping a daily, running list of the little things that it is grateful for could be very powerful for Virgo. This could even be directed at itself. If being self-critical is a problem, writing down in a journal every day all of the things, big and small, that Virgo appreciates about itself could be quite helpful. Along these same lines, taking up metta meditation, otherwise known as loving-kindness meditation, may be helpful for Virgo.

Make friends with opposites

Nothing can push a person out of their comfort zone faster than an outgoing and spontaneous friend. Befriending someone who is the complete opposite may help Virgo to fend off its tendency to become too rigid and serious. This could be anyone with a more unrestrained or adventurous nature. But, if Virgo is looking for its astrological polar opposite, Pisces will fit the bill with Virgo benefiting from Pisces’ imaginative and carefree spirit and Pisces gaining a warm and faithful friend.

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